Parents Tased And Arrested For Trying To Save Children From School Shooter Scare 

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Imagine being a parent and getting a report that your child’s school is in lockdown. 

Every parent I know would do anything to protect and rescue their child from harm – especially after the world witnessed the botched job of law enforcement in Uvalde.

But when a group of parents acted swiftly to get their children out of the way of a reported shooter – you won’t believe how they were treated.

Parents in El Mirage, Arizona were horrified to learn their children’s elementary school was on lockdown after reports of a guy with a gun approached the school and tried to get in. 

Police eventually found the suspect — who is being evaluated for “mental health issues”– but in a shocking turn of events they decided to arrest and tase the parents who were simply trying to rescue their children.

The Blaze reported:

“Police said that some parents were trying to force their way into the school to recover their children, and two were tased while another was arrested for carrying a handgun. One parent was hospitalized.”

Tased and arrested?

These parents deserve an award.

After the horrifying details from the Uvalde case continue to roll out – it’s no wonder these parents felt compelled to act

But instead of applauding these parents – the school district issued a statement reminding parents carrying a firearm on school premises is a “felony” – and claiming they did everything by the book to lock the school down. 

The Hill reported:

“This is done in partnership with law enforcement so they can clear each and every part of campus to ensure the safety of all students and staff. 

Additionally, schools are gun-free zones and it is a felony to possess a firearm on any school campus,” the school district said.”

But as we know – “gun-free zones” simply plant a target on the establishment as bad guys know good guys follow the laws.

Perhaps if teachers were actually allowed to carry – some of these lunatic shooters would be stopped by a swift bullet to the head.

But instead, liberals continue to make guns out to be the problem – instead of understanding (or caring) that it is the “gun-free” zones that make teachers and students targets.

Not to mention, each time there is a shooting, Biden uses it as an opportunity to push forward his anti-gun policies – making conservatives and law-abiding gun owners out to be the problem. 

One thing is certain – many parents would do whatever it takes to protect their children – even putting themselves under the threat of arrest or harm’s way.

There’s no greater love than the love a parent has for their child. 

And all the “gun laws” or “lockdowns” in the world won’t deter a parent from doing whatever they need to do to protect their children. 

Thank goodness no one was hurt at El Mirage Elementary School, and let’s hope these courageous parents aren’t charged with anything – and justice is served. 

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