Peanuts Mother’s Day Special Highlights Same-Sex Families

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Apple TV hosted a Mother’s Day special – showcasing characters from the beloved Peanuts comic strip.

Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, Woodstock and other childhood favorites gathered together to celebrate Mother’s Day – but not in the way that you’d expect.

In yet another attempt to hijack beloved cartoon characters – the Mother’s Day special introduced the notion that “some kids have two moms” – and just wait until you hear the details.

Here we go again.

LGBT activists are determined to pollute everything wholesome with their agenda.

Instead of a classic and beautiful Mother’s Day special – they just had to put in a plug that “some kids have two moms.”

Clearly – the ploy was aimed at children.

You see, LGBT activists want to make it seem like Mother’s Day can mean “anything” to anyone even celebrating “two moms” – as if it’s normal for a little girl or boy to grow up with “two moms” instead of a mom and dad.

What makes the plug even sadder is the Peanuts comic strip creator Charles Schulz was a Christian – who even included reading the Gospel during a Charlie Brown Christmas special.

But instead of honoring Schulz – he was betrayed. 

The Christian Post reported:

“Schulz himself was a professing Christian and Sunday School teacher who subtly explored religion, spiritual questions and biblical ideas in much of his work. Notably, he highlighted the “true meaning of Christmas” in the Charlie Brown holiday special where Linus reads the story of Jesus’s birth directly from the Gospel of Luke.

The Peanuts special’s promotion of the idea of having “two moms” is not the only example of modern children’s programming featuring well-established cartoon characters attempting to introduce children to LGBT ideology.”

And sadly, it’s not just the Peanuts special pushing the LGBT agenda.

Children’s shows are jampacked with LGBT taglines and characters – so much so that nothing is safe anymore. 

In the upcoming summer movie “Lightyear” – a same-sex kiss will be featured.

The kiss was originally taken out of the final version of the film – but when radical LGBT Disney employees threw a temper tantrum, it was put back in. 

A Blue’s Clues episode featured drag queens serenading preschoolers during pride month as a cartoon “pride parade” rolled across the screen featuring “two mommies” and “two daddies” and even “non-binary” people. 

And of course – every conservative mom knows just how bad Disney has gotten – lacing LGBT propaganda into kids shows at a record level.

But having it happen to the once cherished Peanuts characters is downright heartbreaking.

With the LGBT madness sweeping the nation, being led by President Biden, we can expect to see more of our childhood favorite shows “rebooted” with a pro-LGBT theme.

So moms – please make sure you know what your children are watching – these days – nothing is safe anymore.

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