Pedophiles On A Fast Track To The Death Penalty

There are mixed opinions across party lines about punishment and effective treatment for the extremely sick individuals who sexually violate children.

One of the spectrum advocates for mental health treatment is claiming that pedophiles suffer from an illness comparative to alcoholics.

On the other end of public opinion, anyone who hurts children, especially those who have multiple offenses, are beyond rehabilitation.

This latter school of thought is held by President Trump. In a tweet from October of 2012, he vowed to aid in putting an end to pedophiles by giving them a “fast trial” toward the death penalty.

The current Commander in Chief is not the only one who holds this opinion. According to, 85% of people voted that pedophiles and serial rapists should get the death penalty.

In February, Trump spoke on the “dire problem” of human trafficking in general in a press conference.

Since Trump took office, he has not mentioned his 2012 tweet exactly, but has supported legislation to protect the nation’s children who are falling victim to sexual predators.

Most notably, the sex trafficking bill that President Trump signed into action this past April, as reported by Mommy Underground.

The bill strips legal protection from websites that are perpetuating and assisting in sex trafficking; often involving children.

Somehow, there are those who have a problem with this law, feeling it hinders their sexual proclivities, Mommy Underground reports.

There has, also, been much accomplished in the Oval Office since Trump’s 2016 victory to fight child sexual predators, including 1500 arrests of pedophiles in the United States, according to World Tribune.

Liz Crokin, a writer for Townhall, noted how the number of arrests is “staggering” in comparison to the 400 sex trafficking arrests in 2014 under Obama.

Crokin pointed out some major arrests that have taken place under Trump. On January 29th, 474 people were arrested in California for a trafficking ring operation that saved 28 children who were victims of the heinous crimes.

A massive operation that began in January and ended on Super Bowl Sunday led to arresting over 500 people involved in “child sex offenses”, according to Social Consciousness.

The sting brought in 23 law enforcement agencies in 14 states, who worked harmoniously in bringing justice to vulnerable and helpless children.

Why wasn’t the media blasting this triumph on every news channel?

Probably because it spoke to the success Trump has had in office, and his integrity on following through with his promises.

In 1977 the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is excessive punishment for rape, so any federal legislation would have to first address this ruling.

While the death penalty for child predators hasn’t been initiated on a federal level, there are a couple of states that have enacted this legislation to ward off pedophiles.

Montana and Louisiana are two states that have taken extreme action in protecting children from sexual offenders.

ABC News reported:

The Montana law allows a person previously convicted of “sexual intercourse without consent” with a person younger than 16 in any state to be sentenced to death if convicted of that crime in Montana.

Louisiana has had a law on the books since 1995 that allows people convicted of raping a child under the age of 12 to be sentenced to death. A handful of people in the state have been charged under the law this year alone, but no one has yet been convicted and sentenced to death.”

Alabama is on their way to following suit, seeking to enact a bill that sentences death to anyone convicted a second time of “having sex with a child younger than 12”, according to ABC News.

Despite all the debate surrounding punishment for child sexual offenders, the facts are that many pedophiles are not cured of their so-called “mental illness”, with many likely to hurt multiple children.

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Harvard University research has found that “recidivism rates of 10% to 50% among pedophiles previously convicted of sexual abuse”.  

These frightening statistics lead many to believe that the death penalty is the only way to ensure pedophiles don’t continue their heinous crimes.

Washington and Kansas have taken a different approach to dealing with sexual predators, enacting laws that put them in designated psychiatric wards for the remainder of their lives.

While in Florida, sexual offenders can be “chemically castrated” with a drug called Depo-Provera that is supposed to take away unhealthy urges toward children, according to ABC News.

Society has objectified the human body, stressing alluring images, all while liberals push to do what “feels right”.

These wavering standards amidst a hurting and unrelenting world create an environment for deviance beyond our imaginations.

Whatever legislation we commence moving forward in this nation aimed at stopping pedophiles, needs to be under the knowledge of absolute morality.

Our nation should stand for nothing less, and not allow these perverts to take away childhood innocence. It seems Trump is standing for just that.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the death penalty for pedophiles.