Pro-Life Opinion Is Making A Shocking Change

Watching the media, it can appear that the liberal viewpoint is taking over American minds like a parasite. 

There seems to be no end to the deranged ways the left destroys families, particularly children in the womb.

But the mainstream media doesn’t speak for the majority of citizens in this great nation, and a recent poll brings that fact to light.

Every year, the famous Gallup company releases a public-opinion poll on abortion policy, and the results are nothing short of amazing. 

More Americans now identify as “pro-life” over the oppositional group, “pro-choice.”

The poll had the comparison at 49% of Americans believing that killing a baby in the womb is wrong, to 46% who have stomped on the moral compass.

Lifesite News pointed out how this is the first time since 2013 that public opinion showed a leading interest in the value of life.

There was also a rise in the opinion that abortion should either be “illegal in all circumstances” or “legal in only a few circumstances”, increasing from 53 to 60 percent in a year.

This means that Americans are starting to see that the left is not looking out for the best interest of women, only looking to see their perverted agenda advanced. 

All of this is made apparent in the extreme abortion legislation passed by states like New York and Vermont, where you can have an abortion, by someone who is not a doctor, up until the time of delivery, as Mommy Underground has previously reported

The realities of the barbaric nature of abortions, and the exposure of films like ‘Unplanned’, have shifted the percentage of Americans who find abortion to be immoral to “over 50 percent for the first time since 2012,” reports LifeSite News.

There is a war right now between political parties, and the policies at the forefront are abortion related. 

Amazing strides have been made on limiting abortions in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri. 

The support for these states, and the lives they are looking to save has been more than any pro-lifer could have expected.

Backlash from the Democrats has only made the party look desperate to fulfill an agenda, not a calling for women’s health as they claim.

Justice Ginsburg even went as far as to say that pregnant women aren’t even mothers, offending women everywhere!

The plan to gain public opinion by being more aggressive with their attacks has not served liberals well.

Five Thirty Eight reports that Roe v. Wade may have a real shot to be overturned, “a goal that seems possible for the first time in decades because of a new five-justice conservative majority on the Supreme Court.”

Each year, public opinion on abortion fluctuates due to many factors; presidential influence, who is sitting on the bench, and many more behind the scenes events. 

In 1995, when President Clinton occupied the oval office with one of the pro-death leaders by his side, Gallup found that only 33% of Americans called themselves “pro-life.”

After Clinton’s second inauguration in 1997, pro-life opinion has slowly been on the rise, reaching at least 40% favorability ever since. 

It is hard to imagine how one voice can affect the outcome of something as widespread and damaging as abortions.

But every individual who has spoken up for the innocent lives lost has contributed to the thousands of babies saved from the fall in abortion rates over the years.

US News reports:

Globally from 2010 through 2014, 35 abortions were performed per 1,000 women of reproductive age, down from 40 abortions per 1,000 women. “

All this is amazing news, and we hope to keep the trend growing by making the public aware of the atrocities of abortion, and the value held in every human life. 

Vote for officials that will uphold conservative and family values, protecting children inside and outside of the womb. 

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the rising pro-life public opinion, and how you see that playing out in the political arena in the future.

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