Proposed State Legislation Aims to Leave Parents in the Dark About Their Child’s Health

It has been a frightening few years for conservative parents, as we’ve seen our parental rights questioned and jeopardized by government overreach.

As the progressive left pushes a socialist agenda, more and more legislation is being introduced to allow more government control over our children.

And one recent bill up for review would strip parents of more rights, while putting vulnerable children in danger.

The political tides have turned in many states in recent years, and the 2020 election year proves to be vital for traditional families.

In Virginia, a once conservative state, the General Assembly is now under Democrat control for the first time in over 25 years – and liberal legislators are taking steps to ram through their agenda.

Virginia has one of the most rabidly progressive Governors in the nation – Ralph Northam – who has opened the door for nearly unlimited abortion on demand, even infanticide.

And now, the Virginia General Assembly is putting more of our children in harm’s way with SB 104, a bill meant to give schoolchildren the ability to access birth control, vaccines, and other “health services” without parental consent.

The bill’s sponsor, state Senator Barbara Favola, is an outspoken supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

While SB 104 would keep the stipulation that minors must have parental consent to seek an abortion or sterilization procedures, there are obvious loopholes in the language.

A minor would “be deemed an adult for the purpose of accessing or authorizing the disclosure of medical records related to” consent for birth control or medical or health services related to pregnancy or family planning.

In other words, minors would be able to request birth control in all its forms and vaccines related to sexual activity, such as the HPV vaccine and PrEP, a drug meant to lower the chances of contracting HIV through unsafe sexual practices or intravenous drug use – without parental consent or notification.

It would also allow minors to receive treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases – or any other infectious disease – without notifying parents of diagnosis or treatment.

Aside from the moral issues involved in keeping parents in the dark about their child receiving birth control or other medical treatments, there are physical risks associated.

Every parent should know whether their child is receiving medical care – and what symptoms to look for in case of an adverse reaction.

Especially in the case of hormonal contraceptives, young women can have life-threatening reactions and side effects like blood clots.  

This could lead to a frightening scenario in which a parent takes their child to the doctor or emergency room without the full picture of their child’s medical history – and could lead to doctors improperly treating the child.

In New York, where the progressive agenda has taken center-stage in the state legislature, elected officials have been working for years to strip parents of their rights when it comes to the medical care of minors.

California, Washington, D.C., and Delaware already give minors the ability to receive the HPV vaccine without parental consent, and the Centers for Disease Control reports that no legislation expressly prohibits minors from accessing the PrEP drug.

In the state of Virginia in particular, this proposed legislation is a far cry from what is currently on the books.  

Minors must have parental consent to receive over-the-counter pain relievers in school, or even to have their ears pierced.

But progressives in control of the General Assembly in Virginia, and state legislatures all over the nation, are working overtime to keep parents in the dark about what is going on with their children.

It’s all a part of the agenda to groom our children to believe that the government is working to give them more “autonomy” from their parents – to lead children to feel that parents don’t need to be involved in the decision-making process.

This can only open the door to normalizing early sexual behavior and experimentation – including with “alternative” lifestyles – and ultimately, further their abortion agenda to erode the traditional family.

Progressive legislators at all levels of government work at the behest of pharmaceutical companies and abortion giants like Planned Parenthood.

They don’t want to risk the financial windfall that these companies provide in campaign contributions, and our children are the ones caught in the crosshairs.

It continues to be our role as parents to stand up and fight for the health and safety of our children, and this includes understanding – and fighting against – legislation that strips us of our parental rights.

What do you think of the Virginia Senate’s proposed bill that would allow children access to birth control and vaccines related to sexual activity without parental consent?

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