Protect Yourself Against Ticks This Season

  1. Remove the tick quickly

Getting the tick out quickly can save you or your family from years of pain, and at minimum hours of itchy annoyance.

Having a tick kit nearby makes the process less stressful by providing everything you would need in one easy to find location.

Scary Mommy has compiled tick kit components that most moms have lying around the house:

The contents are simple: a pair of tweezers, alcohol swabs, a couple index cards or Post-it notes, a Sharpie, and some clear tape tossed together in a Ziploc bag. That’s it.”

The tweezers are for pulling the tick out, the alcohol cleans the tick bite area, the index cards are to document where you found the tick on the body and at what time, the tape is to fasten the tick to the index card, and the bag is to package it all up in case an infection presents itself.