Protect Yourself Against Ticks This Season

  1. Take a shower after spending time outside

Following the tick examination, put your children in the bath to wash off any ticks that were not attached yet, and were on the move.

Examine yourself after the kids are cared for, and then jump in the shower as well. tells of problem areas with ticks to watch out for:

Then, take a shower and thoroughly check your entire body. As you run soapy hands over your skin, feel for unexpected bumps, which may turn out to be embedded ticks. Pay special attention to hidden spots—behind the ears, hair line, armpits, groin, and belly button. Parents should check their young children.”

It is time-consuming and a bit harder work to take all these steps to protect you and your family against tick bites.

The effort is worth the protection you are providing against debilitating diseases. Plan ahead when you go out in the spots that were warned about to make things run smoothly.

Don’t be fooled either by thinking that you don’t need protection because you haven’t had a tick bite before, or that it isn’t an area heavily populated by ticks.

Reports of Lyme disease have emerged in areas that weren’t known for having a tick problem, and in people that thought they were safe.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have found safeguards that have worked well for you against tick bites.