Public Schools Are Going Off The Deep End, Teaching Content You Won’t Believe

With our traditional values being hijacked by the left and obscene content in every form of media, parents must remain more involved and vigilant than ever.

While leftist indoctrination is occurring in all grade levels in America’s public schools, it is our teenagers who are subjected to concepts that would make any adult cringe.

Now, an advocate for parental rights in public education has written an article exposing the shocking content of what our children are being taught.

Macey France is a writer and co-founder of Stop Common Core in the state of Oregon and wrote an article entitled, Common Core-Approved Child Pornography, to bring awareness to parents about what is really on the agenda in our high schools.

France’s article uses one particular novel, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, as the basis for her article.  But this is but one example of the graphic, inappropriate material on our teens’ reading lists, in their textbooks, and discussed in daily assignments.

Excerpts from the book are too graphic to include, but they are shocking.

The novel tells the story of a “young black girl, who prays every day for beauty: for the blond hair and blue eyes that she believes will allow her to fit in. As her life begins to disintegrate in the face of adversity and strife, such as being raped by her father and beaten by her mother, she finally appeals to a pedophile, to help her attain blue eyes. After being impregnated by her father, she loses her baby and ultimately loses her mind,” according to France.

When France researched why novels of this sort are on the list of “exemplar” texts for meeting the Common Core standards, its advocates would say these books are necessary for college preparation, and that the author is a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

France points out that because the pornographic material is within a novel – therefore “art” and not meant for entertainment purposes — that somehow schools believe it to be acceptable, especially for readers in advanced placement English classes.

This novel, in particular, is so immersed with sexually graphic themes of child rape that teachers who must assign this novel mark pages that can only be read at home.

France writes in her article on Politichicks:

If there are parts of the book that are so explicit that they can’t be read in school, you’d think that would be a giant red flag to keep that book out of the hands of children.

Children are simply not mature enough to process the violent, incestuous sex scenes in the book. And yes, high school kids are still considered children! They are minors. They are not adults, and they are not in college. We need to use some common sense when choosing texts to be studied in the classroom. Children’s developing brains do not need to be assaulted with this notion of sexual violence. Educators are supposed to protect children from violence.

Through some bizarre loopholes in educational policy, this book and others like it are allowed in the classroom. It is able to slip past the checks and balances that we have in place to protect children from violence because even though it does not meet the common standard of decency, it is not a form of entertainment. It’s all in the name of English. No matter the level of filth in the book, it’s English! Therefore, it must be allowed.

How is reading a filthy book filled with pornographic scenes beneficial and preparing a student for success in college? Oh, but it’s not a filthy pornographic book, it’s not entertainment, it’s for educational purposes! We just want to introduce the kids to different ways of life.

In her research, France met with experts that point to the desensitization of sexual violence and immoral subject matter in modern media as factors – all backed by the left to push their radical agenda of “anything goes.”

She knows that many parents are not aware of the material being assigned in our schools, trusting the education system to teach what is appropriate and academically necessary.

Mommy Underground previously reported on the rising use of obscene material being taught in our children’s schools, examining the very issue France has brought to parents’ attention.

France also cites the American Academy of Pediatrics, who has called on our nation’s educators to prevent our children from being exposed to harmful media that is proven to have “a significant risk on the health of children and adolescents and can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares and fear of being harmed. It is also associated with teen pregnancy and promiscuity.”

She investigated the ability of parents to “opt-out” of these types of reading assignments for their children, but is disturbed by the solution – weeks of “self-guided” study in another area of the school while these novels are being discussed in class.

She says this is not only a violation of the Equal Education Opportunity policies of most schools, but it is also likely to do little good as their peers would surely be discussing the content in their presence.

While many parents are advocating for the removal of this book and others from Common Core reading lists, it is not about banning books.

It is about the right of parents to protect their children from graphic violence, sexuality, and other subjects beyond their understanding – and being the final authority on what our children are exposed to and when.

Our naivete as parents must end – we must become more involved in what our teens are learning in school by maintaining open and honest discussion with our children and demanding accountability of schools to make parents aware of the content of assigned curriculum.

What do you think of what Macey France uncovered in her research?  Have you found obscene content being taught in any of your child’s school materials?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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