School Suspends Teen For Refusing To Wear LGBT Paraphernalia 

A school wanted to pay honor to war veterans and had the idea every student should wear a poppy in remembrance… 

…except, instead of the traditional red and black poppy used to honor Canadian vets – school officials turned the classic poppy into a “rainbow poppy” – full of all the colors of the rainbow. 

And when one student stood up to the system and decided to protest wearing a rainbow poppy, the school responded in the worst way.

17-year old Natalie wanted to honor vets, but was not about to wear a rainbow poppy.

Considering it a disgrace to all those who fought and died for her country, she printed out several signs and posted them around the school – strongly expressing her refusal to wear the rainbow poppy while calling out the LGBT agenda.

The Post Millennial posted a picture of Natalie’s flyer which said:

“Never seen something so disrespectful in all my days. What does LGBTQ have to do with the war? Red represents Blood, Black represents widows and loved ones, green represents land the blood was spilled on. NEVER change the poppy.

Way to un-do centuries of blood sweat and tears all because you needed to do the dishes. 

Keep it in your pants nobody wants or needs to see it.

You’ve got a whole month dedicated to the LGBTQ community, but the people who legitimately made a difference and died so that we could live decent lives get one day. You don’t need a poppy, you just clearly want attention. One day to celebrate the real hero’s how about we don’t make it about your sexuality for once?

If you didn’t make such a big deal about it and force people to make it a part of their lives it would be no problem.”

Clearly the teen girl was upset, but who could blame her?

The LGBT agenda is utterly obsessed about making every event and activity around them – and are even willing to disgrace the traditional colors of the poppy.

According to the teen, school officials took down the flyers and brought them into the principal’s office.

Once Natalie was called in, the teen claims they began yelling at her, accusing her of “hate speech” and when she tried to record the conversation, they confiscated her phone and then suspended her.

The Post Millennial reported:

“They accused me of hate speech and endangering the physical safety of the group of individuals [LGBT students].” Natalie says, “They asked me what I was thinking, and I told them everything … I said I was just voicing my beliefs and morals.”

Natalie says the two male administrators continued to accuse her of “hate speech,” and she became so scared at one point that she was on the verge of tears. “I got to the point of almost crying but I didn’t. I had to be the voice for all those families who were greatly disrespected and offended.”

Leave it to LGBT activists to call anything “hate speech” that dares speak up against the LGBT agenda.

Posting a flyer expressing one’s freedom of speech is not endangering the physical safety of anyone.

It’s ridiculous school officials would bring in a rainbow poppy and expect students to just wear it without question.

The trouble is, if anyone dares speak out against the LGBT agenda they are accused of being a hateful person.

LGBT activists look to anyone and everyone else to blame – like California blaming the suicide of LGBT folks on Christians.

Sadly, it’s going to be common practice for conservatives and Christians to be accused of hate speech. 

What are your thoughts on a teen girl getting suspended for speaking out against the rainbow poppy? 

Do you think the LGBT agenda has gone too far yet again?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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