Shocking: Transgender Feels ‘Belittled’ For Confusion Over ID

Leading the liberal agenda is short-term goals, and actions based on feelings in the moment.

Long-term repercussions of this agenda are not fully realized by American society. Legislative changes for the LGBT community are still fairly new.

Although, we are already beginning to see horrifying negative effects taking place in our culture, education system, and legal system.

The transgender community has been wanting individuals to bend over backward to appease their illogical ideology since the left convinced them they need to be a protected class.

Expectations by the LGBT community is that everyone should treat them as if they are not doing anything different or immoral.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with who wants to be called what. The gender fluid movement also makes it hard to tell the biological gender from the desired gender.

Confusion is bound to take place, and liberals want to put the blame on the other person for not guessing correctly.

Airlines have been the recent battlegrounds for the transgender movement. TSA agents are even being targeted.

The transgender community thinks that it would be appropriate for a man posing as a woman to be able to pat down another female, as Mommy Underground as previously reported.

Another one of the backward ways of transgender protocols created havoc on a Canadian flight. CBC News reported:

A passenger flying from Calgary to Saskatoon said she was left feeling “unsafe” and the target of stares and pitying comments after a WestJet agent outed her as a transgender woman to the other passengers on her flight.” 

The man posing as a female goes by the name Lenore Herrem. He reported the agent at the gate as being “upset and confused”, according to CBC News, after handing her the boarding pass.

It is obvious that Herrem was trying to look more feminine, and the boarding pass had the female name on it.

However, the Quebec health care card that was used as accompanying identification bore a male picture, with a male name.

Two different pictures, with two different names, were presented. Yet, this was not supposed to be confusing.

I guess transgender individuals assume that everyone they come in contact with will automatically know their biological gender, and history of trying to be someone they are not.

The “confused” state of the boarding agent is not only understandable but natural; unlike someone who is trying to deny the way they were designed.

The boarding agent responded to Herrem upon reading the identification and boarding pass that “They don’t match”, but another agent present responded, “Yes they do, it’s fine, go ahead.”, according to CBC News.

Herrem boarded the plane but was addressed by the boarding agent at his seat once more with a request to review his identification again.

The name on the computer was different than the name the agent thought she had seen on the boarding pass, sparking more confusion.

According to Herrem, as reported on CBC News, the agent “rolled her eyes” and then said “Are you sure it wasn’t your girl name that was on the computer?”

This is where Herrem’s formal complaint of being “ front of the whole airplane” comes in.

It is hard to believe that the passengers on board the flight didn’t already know that Herrem was a male dressing up like a female.

Personal feelings may have been hurt, but there was a security concern about who was on board the flight.

It is misguiding, and hard to follow, if you are going to be born as a male, dress as a female, hold a health care card as a male, and a boarding pass as a female.

It could have been a stolen boarding pass, a criminal trying to pass as a law abiding citizen, or worse.

Apparently, Herrem felt “unsafe, vulnerable, belittled” and “traumatized”, according to the New York Post.

What happened to being proud of your sexuality as part of the LGBT community?

If it is so awful to have others know you are transgender, that may be because there is a sense of shame in it.

WestJet felt obligated to issue an apology, and ensure that personnel will be trained more appropriately on handling situations with transgender passengers, according to CBC News.

Just as in many scenarios involving liberals, the company was forced to make amends for fear of media attacks, or the relentless left bullying them until they get what they want.

It is a dangerous precedent being set with transgender legislation.

Names are allowed to legally be changed to match whatever gender you are feeling, passports can have no gender identification to appease the confused, and driver’s licenses are able in many states to have a third gender option.

This poses serious security risks as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

It is more important now than ever to stand firm in traditional values. The left looks to make the world a subjective and relative place.

A world in which liberals were to prevail would make me feel “unsafe” and “vulnerable.”

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about transgender identification and future criminal implications.





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