Stop The Madness:  Shocking Products Targeting Children

Childhood is no longer a time of innocence in our nation today, with many protections obliterated for the most vulnerable members of our society.

It is bad enough that innocent children are indoctrinated in schools and by the media with the progressive agenda — they are also being sexualized at an early age.

So early, in fact, that obscene and highly offensive products are being sold to parents – with little ones powerless against being used to spread vile messages from those who should know better.

We’ve all seen funny little onesies and baby t-shirts sporting expressions like, “If Mom and Dad say no, call Grandma.”

We like to dress up our children in ways that help us give them personalities before they are able to express them for themselves.

But with traditional social norms and values – even basic human decency – crumbling before our eyes every day, retailers think it’s funny to take it to the next level.

Amazon came under fire recently for selling offensive baby onesies under the description, “funny baby bodysuit.”

But the expressions on the clothing made for infants is not funny at all – and it is sadly becoming more and more common.

The Sun Online originally reported on the sick targeting of infants when they discovered two baby onesies saying, “Daddy’s Little F*** Toy” and “I Just Look Illegal,” a onesie for baby girls.

With the girls’ onesie came one lame comment that said the “illegal” part was a humorous nod toward the immigration issue.  Not believable, and either way, absurd.

Child advocacy groups like CHILD USA were furious, as were many consumers who stumbled upon the products on Amazon.

Children are being sexualized in the media like never before; especially as models for print and television ads that dress them up and add heavy makeup to make them look like adults – even posing them suggestively.

Now, the sexualization of children is extending to those who can’t even walk or talk.  And the worst part is, there are parents who are buying these products.

After facing backlash, Amazon in America removed the onesies in question from their site.

But there are plenty more where that came from.

A sick retailer called “Vulgar Baby” sells even more offensive baby and toddler clothing.  And we’re questioning how this can even be legal.

The company’s website even brags, “Offensive baby bodysuits live here. They are perfect for cool new parents with a sense of humor and a badass baby. We put the Vulgar in Vulgar Baby!”

Be warned – the slogans on clothing from Vulgar Baby are shocking – even with the profanity blocked out.

“Hung Like a 6-Year-Old,” “Made In Vagina,” “Y’all Mother F***a’s Need Jesus!” and “Mom Is Hot, Dad Is Drunk” to name a few.

There is also a onesie printed with two baby blocks — an “F” and a “U” — one with an image of antlers that says, “Big Racks Make Me Hungry,” and another, “Party In My Crib… Let’s Get Tit-Faced” about breastfeeding, and one that says, “Naptime is at 4:20,” a reference to marijuana.

These are just a few for sale on this site, and some of the “tamer” ones we found.

Hamilton said of the Amazon clothing that, “I have never seen anything like [the offensive slogans on baby’s clothing] before.”

Of course, there are people out there who think that offensive slogans on t-shirts are just a fun form of expression, not meant to hurt anyone.

While that may be fine for adults, children are another matter altogether.

Babies under a year old being dressed in clothing rampant with profanity, sexual innuendos, and references to drugs and alcohol?

All we can do is shake our heads at what this nation is coming to.

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Mommy Underground has reported on retailers selling offensive children’s clothing in the past supporting the LGBT movement and other progressive propaganda.

And it’s getting worse every day.

Can you imagine what a child will think when they see themselves in old baby pictures wearing these disgusting items of clothing?  Will they not wonder why their own parents didn’t guard their innocence?

And what parent could possibly think this is funny, especially at a time when children are being targeted by predators at an alarming rate?

What will happen when children grow up thinking these expressions are funny?

The sexualization of teenagers has been an issue for decades, and now the boundaries are disappearing to the point that children are being groomed for abuse – abuse they will not understand is inappropriate and unacceptable because it will become normalized.

We can’t imagine that there isn’t a law preventing the sale of these items. This is fuel for child predators seeking acceptance.  It seems to be pornographic in its intent.

Parents, please, spread the word about these offensive clothing retailers.  Let’s stop this here before any more of these sick items targeting children are sold.

What do you think of the profanity and sexual innuendos on these items of clothing for babies and toddlers?  Leave us your thoughts.