Surgeon Wants To Do Genital Transfers Between Patients To Help Them Live “Normal” Lives 

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We’ve been hearing the term “new normal” a lot in our post-pandemic world, but what does it mean?

Just as liberals try to make oppressive government control “normal” they are also trying to make living an immoral lifestyle a societal norm.

As the left gets more extreme, one surgeon fights for the boundaries of gender to be blurred into an unrecognizable class of subjectivity – and all so one can live a “normal” life.

Elizabeth Johnston reports:

“One of the world leaders in gender reassignment surgery is developing a procedure that would match up patients, one male and one female, who wish to undergo surgery and would transfer their genitalia as part of their transition surgeries.”

Who is this doctor of destruction, potentially ruining someone’s life with irrevocable surgery on a mentally ill patient?

Miroslav Djordjevic, MD, PhD, a urogenital reconstructive surgeon at the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City, is working towards a surgical concept like no hospital has seen before.

A male patient who goes to see Dr. Djordjevic wanting female genitalia would be paired with a female patient who wants male genitalia.

In what sounds to be like a Frankenstein experiment, the New York City doc hopes to swap genitalia like an organ transplant.

Why does he want to do his surgeries this way?

So when he removes a perfectly functional genitalia, he doesn’t have to dispose of it – he can just walk it over to the other patient who wants it.

Dr. Djordjevic states on the hospital’s website:

This will result in a huge improvement over what we currently offer patients. We are striving to find a way to use all genital organs that are planned for removal in transition surgery to improve the lives of others who request this surgery and enable them to lead a normal life.”

There is nothing normal about exchanging one’s genitalia!

This is one of the only procedures that has gained favor with insurance companies and doctors under the title of “medically necessary” when it in fact only puts the patient in extreme harm- medically and psychologically.

Dr. Djordjevic is originally from Serbia and stands as one of the “leading authorities on transgender surgeries,” reports Elizabeth Johnston.

He admits himself that in his own country there has been an increasing number of surgery reversals of the controversial surgical procedure after patients weren’t properly screened.

But could it be that reversals are rising because it is a transition based on the emotions of a mentally ill patient and not for medical reasons?

This will not be the first line of radical sex surgeries he’s spear-headed.

In 2017, he “successfully” did his first uterine transplant, followed by two testicular transplants in 2019.

The doctor boasts:

Through the procedures I have done, I have demonstrated to the world that it is possible to successfully perform uterine and penile transplantation.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Djordjevic will not stop there!

He aims to “reach the point,” as he states on the hospital website, where a man can deliver a baby after receiving a uterine and ovarian transplant, and a woman can have functional male genitalia.

With a President in place that supports and pushes legislation to see procedures like this succeed, we are most likely are not hearing the end of such outlandish medical “advances.”

In the meantime conservatives need to stand up for morality, like the Virginia school board who chose to reject transgender mandates.

Each little push by the LGBT community that society stands by and accepts as normal is another step closer to a society where gender is whatever you want it to be rather than how God designed you.