Sweet Baby Girl Born With Life-Threatening Condition Wins 2.2 Million Dollar Treatment

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One of the scariest things for a new mom is learning their precious baby has been diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic condition.

Many moms feel helpless, unsure what to do as doctors often tell them their little one won’t go on to live a full life.

And for one family whose baby was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) – things seemed bleak until they won the chance to participate in an incredible life-saving treatment.

Sweet little Lucy was only five-weeks old when she was diagnosed with SMA.

Her family loved her dearly and was desperate to do whatever possible to get her the best treatment – so they started a fundraising campaign.

One would think treatment would be reasonable – but to get the promising experimental treatment for sweet Lucy would cost a hefty 2.2 million dollars!


The gene treatment Zolgensma is approved by the FDA in the United States, but not yet in Canada where little Lucy lives.

One can’t even begin to imagine the discouragement – knowing the survival of Lucy depends on a 2.2 million dollar treatment ($2.9 million in Canada).

Just when it seemed like no hope was left, Lucy was selected in a random lottery to receive a treatment free of charge!

Talk about timing.

The lottery just launched this year with the goal of helping families who must pay for the drug out of pocket when it isn’t approved.

Laura, Lucy’s mom, was naturally absolutely shocked at the blessing that literally fell into her lap.

Live Action reported.

“We were totally shocked,” said Laura. “We didn’t expect this outcome but we were just so happy because our single goal was providing the treatment to Lucy.” Lucy has received the treatment, and her family is already noticing big gains. “The biggest changes are her head control, really quickly after the treatment she was able to hold her head up which is something she’s never done before. She can sit with some support and hopefully one day she’ll crawl.” Lucy’s improvements are leading her family to dream big for her future, a future that seemed out of reach just three months ago. “Maybe one day she’ll even walk. That’s really an optimistic dream, I know, but we like to have high expectations and we don’t want to hold her back.”

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Praise the Lord little Lucy is given a second chance at life!

So many moms who are raising children with special needs have an uphill battle, with the odds stacked against them.Many doctors tell them to abort their babies, or tell them their children won’t make it.

But time and time again, God shows the world He is bigger than any doctor and can work miracles.

Here’s wishing Lucy and her family a long-life full of happiness and joy.

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