3-Year Old With Special Needs Celebrates A Birthday Parade After Doctors Claimed He Wouldn’t Survive 

3-year old Nash just celebrated his birthday with an incredible birthday parade put on by his loving neighbors. 

What makes Nash’s birthday celebration even more touching is the fact doctors told his mother he’d never survive to see his 3rd birthday.

But beating the odds, Nash recently turned 3, and once you hear about the details his neighbors put into making his birthday special, you’re bound to be touched in an incredible way.

Nash was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy With Respiratory Distress (SMARD).

This rare disease causes muscle weakness and respiratory failure and leads to a whole other host of health complications. 

Doctors claimed Nash would never make it past his 2nd birthday, due to his particular disability which has no cure.

But they were wrong!

And since Nash can’t be around a lot of people due to his condition, his neighbors still decided they wanted to celebrate his life and throw him an epic celebration, so instead of a traditional birthday party, they threw him a birthday parade!

CNN reported:

“For over an hour, more than 100 trucks, jeeps, and cars of all kinds drove down the family’s neighborhood street in a Chicago suburb to celebrate Nash.

Instead of throwing out candy like a typical parade, there was banana pudding for Nash. It’s the only food Nash eats by mouth because he gets intravenous nutrition”. 

His family was blown away at the thoughtfulness and love for Nash and was encouraged at the kindness of those in the community. 

One of the most important things a mom can do is show support for other moms, especially those raising a medically frail child.

So many moms of children with special needs feel ostracized and isolated, but this neighborhood showed their love in a tangible way, and truly made sure Nash’s 3rd birthday will be remembered forever. 

And it really does take a community stepping in to show support that makes all the difference.

Sadly, many moms still feel the stigma from the medical community when raising a child with special needs. 

From doctors who pressure women carrying a child with special needs to get an abortion, to other doctors doubting a child with special needs once born can actually survive.

Moms raising children with special needs have one of the toughest jobs in the world, but small acts of kindness can renew hope. 

These neighbors went above and beyond the call of duty for Nash.

Even the details of making sure he received banana pudding (instead of candy) shows the purposeful intent of making sure Nash and his family had a birthday celebration they will always remember! 

What are your thoughts on Nash’s neighborhood throwing him a special birthday party? 

Do you agree moms with special needs need support from other moms?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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