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Young Mom Beats Pregnancy Cancer Diagnosis And Gives Birth To Healthy Quadruplets

  Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting yet overwhelming feeling. Learning that you are carrying four babies AND receiving a cancer diagnosis while pregnant can almost seem unbearable. But this story has a happy ending – as it turns out being pregnant with these four babies actually […]

Fitness During Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Fitness During Pregnancy Myths Debunked

  There are a lot of do’s and don’ts while pregnant, causing some mothers to follow every old wives tale out there to be safe. However, the misconceptions around pregnancy can interfere with your daily life, adding undue stress. Know which tales are told for good reason and which should […]

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What The Experts Are Saying About Pregnancy and COVID-19

  Fear has stricken the least suspecting citizen as reports of the coronavirus penetrate the media. Doctors have warned the elderly and immunocompromised individuals to stay clear of public areas and to take extreme caution. But there hasn’t been a lot of advice for the pregnant community concerning the virus- […]

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Landmark Research Sheds Light on Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health

  Expectant mothers have plenty of research and resources available to understand how important it is to stay healthy while pregnant. We know that pregnant women must avoid smoking, alcohol, and risky behaviors, as well as eating healthy and getting good prenatal care. But a recent study is shedding light […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals While Pregnant 

5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals While Pregnant 

The joy of finding out your pregnant is one of the best moments a mother can have. Your body is going through a lot of changes beyond your growing belly – you will be tired, moody, and crave lots of interesting foods.  These transitions tend to derail all the fitness […]