5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals While Pregnant 

The joy of finding out your pregnant is one of the best moments a mother can have.

Your body is going through a lot of changes beyond your growing belly – you will be tired, moody, and crave lots of interesting foods. 

These transitions tend to derail all the fitness goals you have just made for your New Year resolution, but they don’t have to!

Staying healthy during pregnancy benefits you after birth, and your little one during those early years. 

According to Healthline, a new study found that weight gain during pregnancy affects a child’s cardiometabolic health later in life. 

On those days you feel like giving up and sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of ice cream and pickles, refer to these easy steps to keeping you and your little one in tip-top shape. 

Get To Know Your Cravings

Any pregnant woman knows that cravings are very real and very intense. 

Have you ever piled all your kids into a van on a school day to rush to out to get popsicles and buffalo wing flavored pretzels? I have.

Sometimes, cravings are a way your body lets you know there are nutrients it needs. 

Try looking for a theme of nutrients in the foods you crave to find healthy alternatives. 

Craving ice (or popsicles in my case) and wheat (hence the pretzels) is a sign of iron deficiency, according to Mayo Clinic.

So replacing those items with lentil, tempeh, oatmeal, or trail mix would have eliminated those cravings by giving me a healthy dose of iron. 

Don’t Skip Your ZZZ’s 

Getting a good night’s rest during pregnancy can be tough. Working around a little person that is also pressed for space doesn’t give you a lot of wiggle room. 

And your body holds no contest to your worrying mind. Will you be a good mother? Will the delivery go well? Should you go back to work?

Get a good nighttime routine that helps your mind and body relax. 

Jot down a to-do list for the following day, and journal all your ruminating thoughts. End the evening in a nice stretching session to relax the muscles. 

Exercise Daily

Commit to moving in some form or fashion daily to get the blood pumping, muscles working, and metabolism set in high gear. 

You may not be running the five miles you previously were, or attending the weekly cross-fit classes you signed up for prior to pregnancy, but walking around the neighborhood or doing some bodyweight exercises while you fold laundry will help in more ways than you may think. 

Staying fit will keep energy levels up, help you bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight quicker post-delivery, and most importantly aid in the biggest fitness test of birthing a child. 

The general rule of thumb, as Healthline affirms, is to not start any vigorous exercise programs and to work on maintaining your fitness level.

Cut Back On Sugar

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is turn down a piece of chocolate cake you are craving so bad you would give your right arm for it. 

Increased sugar consumption can have negative effects on your child’s memory and intelligence according to a new study, reported Newsweek. 

Keep the pantry stocked with healthy sweet treats like dried fruit and low sugar granola bars so that you won’t turn to the local fast-food restaurant for a milkshake every time you get a sweet tooth. 


Water intake is so important, and even more so when you are hydrating for two. 

Healthline reports:

Hydration is essential, especially when you’re pregnant. Water plays an important role in the development of your little one and also helps to form the placenta and the amniotic sac.”

Exactly how much water should a pregnant woman drink?

The Institute of Medicine recommends about 10 cups a day of liquid. Getting a water bottle that you love, and that catches your attention is a good way to gauge how much water you are drinking. 

You have been working hard to form a healthy fitness routine, and now you get to benefit your child with that effort. 

Write these fitness tips down to post to your fridge so you stay on track in those vulnerable moments of cravings and mood changes. 

The chance to start being a great mother starts now!

Please let us know in the comments section how you like to stay fit during pregnancy.