Young Mom Beats Pregnancy Cancer Diagnosis And Gives Birth To Healthy Quadruplets

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Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting yet overwhelming feeling.

Learning that you are carrying four babies AND receiving a cancer diagnosis while pregnant can almost seem unbearable.

But this story has a happy ending – as it turns out being pregnant with these four babies actually saved the life of this young mom.

When young Ashley was 21 weeks pregnant – she received a diagnosis no one is ever prepared for – she had cancer in her thyroid and it already spread to her lymph nodes.

Ashley and her husband thought this was it – but God had other plans.

While doctors normally remove aggressive cancer right away – Ashley didn’t want to risk endangering the lives of the precious babies she was carrying – so she waited.

She ended up delivering all four of her babies at 30 weeks – and while they were in intensive care – they are thriving now!

After Ashley gave birth – the cancer was removed from her body and she is doing well!

Ashley credits her babies for saving her life.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Four weeks after delivering the kids, the young mother went into surgery, which reportedly successful. She and her husband have decided to delay chemotherapy and radiation treatment so that Ashley Adams could spend more time breastfeeding her brood.

Ashley Adams believes that what happened to their family was a twofold miracle: her being focused on saving the lives of her unborn children had inadvertently saved her own life.

‘If we didn’t get pregnant with quads we would have never come to the hospital,’ Ashley said. ‘I wouldn’t have had the doctor I had. I never would have found the cancer.”

Wow – talk about a story that gives you goosebumps!

To begin with – many doctors would have likely either insisted she get the tumor removed immediately – or would have tried to convince her that her babies would never make it.

But Ashley was insistent on doing everything she could possibly do to protect her own babies – even after birth by choosing to delay chemotherapy and radiation so she can breastfeed her babies.

The love of a mother has no bounds – and Ashley fought fiercely for the lives of her little ones.

Those who advocate for abortion often try and use “life of the mother” as an excuse to slay unborn babies.

Even though time and time again, real doctors have said often times both the mother and the baby can be saved.

This is exactly what happened in Ashley’s situation – yes her babies were born premature – but they were born alive and their lives were saved!

It’s a natural motherly instinct to protect the life growing inside of you – which is why abortion is something so unthinkable to most mothers.

Thankfully, Ashley put her own fears aside and did everything she could to protect her babies – who are now healthy and thriving!

We wish Ashley and her babies future health and blessings on their journey.

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