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Leftist Kindergarten Curriculum Teaches Kids To Abolish The Police

  Children are typically taught to have respect and reverence for police officers who fight crime and keep them safe against the bad guys. But this leftist school in Seattle is painting a different tune – teaching little kindergarten students to actually hate the police. In fact, the latest curriculum […]

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Terrifying! Drive-By Shooters Target Elderly Couple For Hanging A Pro-Police Flag

  The past few months have highlighted a growing distaste and downward hatred of law enforcement from those on the radical left. But instead of peacefully protesting their dissent, radical liberal protesters have wreaked violence and chaos all across America. One elderly couple found themselves at the end of this […]

Police Couple Becomes Date Night Heroes 

Police Couple Becomes Date Night Heroes 

It is important in a marriage to get a little time alone. Sometimes conversation has to branch out past who is picking up the kids from school. During date night you count on the two of you basking in your holy matrimony without any distractions.  For one couple, date night […]