Terrifying! Drive-By Shooters Target Elderly Couple For Hanging A Pro-Police Flag

Photo by Daniel Oines on WikiMedia Commons


The past few months have highlighted a growing distaste and downward hatred of law enforcement from those on the radical left.

But instead of peacefully protesting their dissent, radical liberal protesters have wreaked violence and chaos all across America.

One elderly couple found themselves at the end of this anti-police wrath – and you won’t believe how violent liberals targeted them.

The elderly couple was upset at all the anti-police propaganda spewing around them, so they wanted to do something small to show their support for the police.

After all, police officers put themselves in the line of fire every day trying to serve citizens and keep communities safe.

But instead of showing appreciation, actual local politicians are trying to defund them!

Even the kid’s show Paw Patrol was attacked for being too “pro-police.”

So, a couple of sweet grandparents in Seattle decided to show the police officers in their community a bit of gratitude, and hung a thin blue line police flag outside their home.

Who would have known a simple flag hanging in their front yard to stand in solidarity with local police officers would end in gunfire.

At first, people made derogatory comments to the elderly couple, even painting “Black Lives Matter” in front of their home.

The couple tried to stop the harassment and even filed a police report.

Even further, they took down their large police flag and replaced it with a smaller one, hoping it wouldn’t draw as much attention, but still publicly show their support for the police.

But nothing could prepare them for what would happen next.

KIRO 7 News: reported:

“Surveillance video shows a dark SUV driving up to the home, firing nine shots and speeding away. Six of the gunshots hit the home and a vehicle. At least one bullet pierced multiple walls of the home, including one gunshot that traveled all the way through to the garage.

“I went numb. This didn’t really happen did it?” said the homeowner. “I’m fearful because I don’t know who it would be that would get that angry.”

All because an elderly couple flew a flag in their own home, they were the target of a drive-by shooting.

Absolutely terrifying.

Thankfully, the elderly couple wasn’t physically injured – even though their home was full of bullet holes.

With the shooter actually aiming at their home, it is abundantly clear the intent was to cause harm or even kill the couple.

Our country has gotten to a point where conservatives can no longer share their views without risking their lives.

Violent mobs have destroyed cities, torn down statues, and vandalized stores – all in the name of “justice.”

It’s a sad day when Americans can no longer freely fly a flag in front of their own home without facing the wrath and hatred of the left.

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