Teach Your Innocent Children To Watch Out For These Predators 

As your children prepare to go back to school – sexual predators are gearing up to do harm.

From online chatrooms to hanging around areas children play, in this day and age predators are everywhere.

But with a little bit of training, you can teach your children what to look out for and how to stay safe from the bad guys.

The goal is not to make your children afraid to step outside, but instead to teach them how to be vigilant. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Monitor Where Your Children Spend Time Online

Moms, we can no longer assume our children are safe online.

In fact, assume the exact opposite.

Protectyoungeyes.com wants parents and children to be prepared for online predators.

They explain that it’s not enough to judge people by what they look like – but point out in the digital age it is also important to pay attention to what people say. 

Calling the bad guys “tricky people” – they have these helpful tips for parents.

“So, this year for grades K-8, we are dialing in on explaining who tricky people are, things they might say, and what to do if that little knot in our stomach tells us something doesn’t feel quite right. We tell kids: It’s OK to not talk to NICE people I don’t know online. Why? Because they can hurt me. BADLY. Walking away isn’t MEAN. It’s SMART.

For grades 7-8, we refer to them specifically as sexual predators. For grades K-6, we leave that decision up to parents in our at-home discussion guides.

And, when a kid encounters someone tricky, they need to immediately do two things: PUT IT DOWN. TELL SOMEONE. That’s it. We also explain who a “someone” is – a parent, older sibling, teacher, youth pastor, not just your friend (because they probably can’t really help you).”

And moms, don’t just rely on your kids to tell you something is wrong.

Predators often pose as young children to deceive children or mislead them to think they are “safe.”

Make sure you install a website monitoring application on all your children’s devices, and keep the main computer in an open place, preferably the family room. 

Teach Your Children What To Look For 

It’s important to teach your children not to talk to strangers – period.

Even a so-called “nice guy” with a dog.

Your children should never go outside to the playground alone, and always have a buddy.

Teach your child to walk on the sidewalk, and avoid walking in between cars. 

In addition, be careful with putting your children’s name on their book bag.

All it takes is for a stranger to call out your child’s name, and feed them some line about how they are here to pick them up from school.

Same goes with all the moms who have a decal of their family on the back of the van… not a good plan moms! 

Establish Protocols With Your Children 

It’s critical to teach your children protocols to follow.

Tell them that no one will pick them up from school, unless mom authorizes it.

If they feel uncomfortable and a stranger is talking to them, tell them to seek a school official right away.

Have teenagers?

If they are home after school, insist they lock the door, and do not answer the door for strangers (even if it is a repairman, etc).

Make sure they call and check in with you when they are home.

Predators play on the innocence and vulnerability of young children, but we can train our children what to look for.

If you are avoiding having this conversation with your children – please do not delay another day!

With a few simple tips, we can arm our children with the knowledge to protect themselves.

What are some ways you help keep your children safe from predators?

Do you have any protocols you follow in your home?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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