Terrifying – Medical Community Caves In To LGBT Gender Demands

The LGBT community continues to infiltrate society, and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

And the latest “transgender” craze is so bizarre, it will leave your head spinning.

Even more terrifying, so called “medical” websites are adopting LGBT activists’ demands to completely eradicate biological gender.

And as it turns out, it’s working.

Let’s face it, “transgender” folks find something new every day to be offended by.

If a biological girl decides she’s suddenly a boy, she becomes irate if anyone dares refer to her by her true gender.

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, some “transgender” activists became so upset when they couldn’t be screened for cervical cancer… even if they were actually male and didn’t have a cervix.

The craziness of the LGBT community’s war on gender has reached an all-time high.

And now, they’ve decided it is suddenly “offensive” to identify biological male/female parts by their actual name.

According to Healthline there are no such thing as male or female parts.

Healthline claims that body parts don’t have a gender, and therefore can’t be assigned male or female.

Their website posted a safe sex guide for the LGBT community, reminding them their biological gender is “ineffective” when discussing gender, and they are free to “identify” with whatever body part they want.

Healthline reports:

“And as a result, the notion that a penis is exclusively a male body part and a vulva is exclusively a female body part is inaccurate. By using the word “parts” to talk about genitals and using medical terms for anatomy without attaching a gender to it, we become much more able to effectively discuss safe sex in a way that’s clear and inclusive.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve chosen to include alternative words for readers to use for their genitals. For example, some trans men choose to use the words “front hole” or “internal genital” instead of “vagina.”

But it gets worse.

According to Healthline, a person can be more than “transgender” or a homosexual.

Listing a slew of new “identities” Healthline encourages those in the LGBT community to discuss these terms with their doctor, to determine where they fit in.

Healthline reports some of the new outrageous “identities” they claim are completely normal:

Nonbinary is a gender identity label that describes those who don’t identify exclusively as male or female. This means that a nonbinary person can identify as both male and female, partially male, partially female, or neither male nor female. Some nonbinary people identify as trans, while other don’t. If you’re confused which one of these terms to use for someone, as always, just ask!

Agender is the word used to describe those who don’t identify with any gender or can’t relate to gender terms or labels at all. Sometimes people assume those who identify as agender also identify as asexual, but this isn’t true. Agender people can have any sexual orientation.”

This type of propaganda isn’t just crazy, it’s dangerous.

Healthline’s decision to remove names of actual body parts in order to avoid “offending” the LGBT community is reckless.

Professionals need to hold the line, and stop placating to the sick demands of the “transgender” community.

Those that struggle with identifying with their actual gender need mental help, not encouragement to keep on their downward spiral of destruction.

If a male or female actually thinks their biological body parts don’t exist, they could miss out on critical life-saving screenings.

What are your thoughts on those in the medical community instructing individuals to “choose their own” biological body parts?

Do you think the LGBT community will succeed in taking over the healthcare industry with their demands?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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