The Newest “Lawnmower Parenting” Trend Is Catching Steam – And Here’s Why It’s Not Good

We’ve all heard of the “helicopter” parents hovering over their children with a hyper-watchful eye, but the latest “lawnmower” parenting trend is proving to be even more disastrous.

Lawnmower parents pride themselves on “paving the way” for their children by plowing through any challenge or difficulties a child may endure to make sure they never have to deal with any problems. 

But the problem is, these parents mistakenly think they are helping their child succeed in life, but they are actually setting up their child for failure down the road. 

Here are the ways lawnmower parents are damaging their children in a major way. 

Children Become Unable To Handle Life 

When parents do everything for their children and never teach them how to handle problems or life situations, children grow up not knowing how to take care of themselves.

From middle school students not knowing how to make their bed to college students not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs (or much of anything), children become helpless and codependent on their parents.

Many young adults still expect their parents to book their doctor appointments or pay their cell phone bill. 

And while parents may be well-intended and want to help their child succeed – but by taking on their children’s responsibilities, it ends up paralyzing them.

Children grow up thinking they are unable to do anything (or don’t have the motivation to learn) since mom or dad always took care of everything for them. 

Lack Of Responsibility 

In life, there are consequences for every action.  If an adult decides to not complete a work project, they might get fired.

With children – it’s the same thing.

But by cleaning up for your child and constantly “covering for them”, you are teaching them not to have any responsibility.

If your child keeps losing an item and you keep rebuying it, they’ll learn to not take care of things.

Teach your child personal responsibility – it will serve them well in the long run. 

Damaged Mental Health

Children who grow up always being catered to don’t know how to deal with their emotions.  If they learn someone will always “fix the situation” and make things better, they are unable to cope when life happens.

If children think life is always calm and happy, they won’t know how to process other real emotions like anger or sadness. 

INC reported on the damaging affects lawnmower parents have on their children:

“They calm their kids down when they’re upset, cheer them up when they’re sad, and entertain them when they’re bored. That means the parents are taking full responsibility for their kids’ emotions and kids aren’t learning how to regulate their own emotions, which is bad for their mental health.

Kids need to know that it’s OK to feel distress–being sad, scared, or angry isn’t the end of the world (and chasing happiness only provides fleeting moments of instant gratification). Learning how to cope with those emotions is key to self-discipline, a necessary component in positive well-being.”

So if your child is sad or upset – don’t be quick to rush and fix the problem.  You can certainly listen and help them process – but allowing them to feel different emotions teaches them that life isn’t always happy. 

Moms – we know you want the best for your child and want to make sure your precious one never has to feel any pain or suffering. 

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But remember by sheltering your child from everything in life, you are essentially telling them that someone will always be there to clean up their problems.

Instead, teach them how to become emotionally healthy and strong, so they’ll be able to handle life’s storms when they come. 

What are your thoughts on the “lawnmower” parenting style?

Do you agree it is damaging to a child? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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