There Will Be Devastation In These 3 Ways Under Biden

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


We are experiencing in this country the most suspenseful and unjust election year in our lifetime.

Liberals have always fought dirty,  but toying with the constitutional process of our democratic republic is a whole new level of disregard for our nation.

With Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in charge of the United States of America (yikes!), you can expect to see a major decline in some prominent areas of society.


1. The economy

Kamala Harris, Biden’s right hand woman believes that money is nothing more than paper printed at the factory.

Or she would have to in order to believe the United States could fund every frivolous notion she can concoct, like her $3 trillion tax plan that includes giving money to anyone who makes less than $100,000 (which is most of America) and free Medicare to all, according to the Washington Post.

Biden will raise taxes to fund all his new initiatives, straight from your pocket to his.

One such initiative is the Biden Plan, a $2 trillion expense, that is eerily similar to the Green New Deal, and that is because it was designed by the same activists from the Sunrise Movement that helped formulate the Green New Deal, according to CBS.

Go figure.


2. International relations

President Donald Trump worked hard during the last four years to ensure America’s safety, not reputation among the left, was strengthened.

And he did an amazing job!

Going for a more globalist approach, Biden “will bring together the world’s democracies to strengthen our democratic institutions, honestly confront the challenge of nations that are backsliding, and forge a common agenda,” declares his official website.

The far from humble Biden plans on establishing world peace by lifting up every country with misguided leadership on the backs of working class America.

Sadly, that has never worked.


3. Personal freedoms

Liberals pretend they support individual freedoms by saying that the LGBT+ community should be able to express themselves any way they feel comfortable with and that the law should reflect these whims.

However, true personal freedoms operate outside of government control, and include things like religious freedom, the right to bear arms, and freedom of speech.

Biden has already declared that he “does not believe the second amendment protects an individual right,” as reported by ABC WMUR out of New Hampshire after a town hall.

This is why he sees no problem with banning all assault weapons and making it unlawful to buy guns, ammo, or gun parts online, according to Savannah Now.

Then on to our next freedom he is going to destroy…

Biden has a plan to “safeguard places of worship,” according to his website, but this sounds more promising than it is.

While he claims to want to protect all religious freedom no matter your faith, he also says this entails giving the LGBT+ community less restrictions by not hindering them with religious convictions.

Meaning you will not have a right to not support a homosexual or transgender for example who wants to associate with you, your community, or your business.

Speaking on the current climate in our nation, Biden is going to shut down the nation because of the Coronavirus, leaving families to struggle for their livelihood, small businesses will go under, and the freedoms of the citizens will be subject to whatever the state’s leader declares is “safe.”

Biden tried to say he relates to the religious community by claiming he is a Catholic but he was denied communion because his views contrasted drastically to that of the Bible’s, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

If that’s not saying something about the direction of his “safeguarding” places of worship, what is?

This is not an America where conservatives will thrive, but where they will be stifled and pressured to be more like the progressive left who have no real idea how to maintain what makes this nation the best in the world.

Conservatives need to stand stronger than ever in the coming days, weeks, and years, so that our democratic republic, and all our freedoms unparalleled by any other country, don’t become just a good story in the history books.

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