There’s No More Disguising Their Agenda — Disney Finally “Comes Out” In New Film

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Going to the movies is a favorite activity of most families – it gives us all a little quiet, quality time and is great for a rainy day.

We all know the progressive agenda has been working to indoctrinate our children through media and entertainment, and they get more brazen every day.

So it may come as no surprise, but is certainly a disappointment, to see something that we’ve been praying against for years.

Not too long ago, Disney was the go-to for family entertainment.

Their animated movies are always blockbuster hits, spawning merchandise and becoming part of pop-culture history.  The company had a great legacy under its belt – until recently.

Disney started to quietly slip progressive propaganda about the LGBT community into its television programs a couple of years ago.

They started with adult homosexual couples in their live-action series on Disney Channel.

Then, a same-sex couple in DocMcStuffins on Disney Jr.  An obvious-to-adults homosexual character in the live-action Beauty and the Beast.  Same-sex kisses and a male “princess” in Star and the Forces of Evil.

There were more inferences and innuendos along the way, all meant to slowly desensitize and disguise their move toward adopting an agenda.

But now Disney has finally given up on straddling the fence between the American Family and the growing pressure to conform to the LGBT agenda.

Kids are always excited when they see the trailer for an upcoming Disney movie, and they’re likely anticipating the release of Onward, debuting this week.

But after years of trying to disguise what they were doing, Disney has finally “come out” with their first-ever openly lesbian character in this fantasy about elves and magic.

Officer Specter is a cyclops, who is a police officer in this fantasy realm.  She comes complete with a girlfriend that is subtly mentioned in one scene.

Still, she is the first homosexual character in any major animated Disney-Pixar film.

As reported by The Christian Post, Producer Kori Rae said the scene “just kind of happened.”

Director Dan Scanlon stated that Disney wanted to “represent the modern world.”

But it’s a modern world pushed on traditional families who used to enjoy sharing our childhood memories of Disney with our own children.

It’s a modern world perpetuated by the agenda of the minority, and our vulnerable children are the victims.

There will be disappointment from children who don’t understand why parents may choose to boycott the movie.

Will it affect Disney’s bottom line?  Probably not.

Many will remain ambivalent, not realizing the significance of this one character in this one film.

And once we get used to this as being the “new normal” – exactly the plan of progressives — we’ll become complacent, numb to it, and finally accepting.

Pro-family group One Million Moms has launched a protest petition, stating that the “scenes are subtle in order to desensitize children. But now Disney has traded its subtlety for intentionality,” and encourages all traditional families to boycott the film.

It is this desensitization that will become inevitable – both for ourselves and our children — if we allow it to.

The progressive left and their agenda are banking on it.  And Disney is banking on it.

They may think this move will have little or no influence on their multi-million-dollar brand.

Only time will tell, but traditional American families are getting tired of the obvious brainwashing, and we’re ready to say, “enough is enough.”

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