Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Shelter Your Kids From

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Being a parent has it challenges, like knowing when, and how to have those tough talks with our kids.

There are many approaches that a parent takes when topics come up that we don’t feel prepared answering, like avoidance, changing the subject, or even lying.

These may not be the best ways to go about a hard subject; often the most favorable outcome is confronting the conversation head on.

Sheltering our kids from tragedy, and things that will cause discomfort or pain is a natural parental inclination.

No one wants to see their kids bear weight on their shoulders that they don’t have to, but the unknown can often have worse consequences.

Children tend to internalize problems they don’t have answers to and blame themselves; which has lasting negative results.

You want to be the person they come to when they have questions about life. Be available and honest when your child confronts you with a life principle.

The key is to always make the response age-appropriate, not making a child too young ponder intricacies beyond their understanding.

Here are some areas of life that the experts have discovered kids are better off knowing, than being sheltered from.

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