This Country Just Permanently Banned Abortions Saving Countless Unborn Lives 

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With abortion legal and active in America – it can be hard to imagine a place where babies get the chance to live.

And with countries around the world like Argentina and Ireland legalizing abortion, it seems as if the entire world has jumped on the abortion train.

But like a beacon of light, Honduras passed the most incredible pro-life legislation, and you won’t believe how rock solid it actually is.

In Honduras, it is illegal to get an abortion in any circumstance.

But not only is this the law–it was written in such a way that makes it nearly impossible to reverse should future leftists and pro-aborts gain power.

Unlike in America where our own President gleefully reiterates his commitment to kill unborn babies, leaders in Honduras doubled down on the sanctity of human life.

CNN reported:

“The new reform, known as “Shield Against Abortion in Honduras” and promoted by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s ruling National Party, also now creates a legal “shield” against future changes to the ban.

The changes raise the Congressional voting threshold to modify abortion law from two-thirds majority to three-quarters. Since Honduras’s unicameral Congress has 128 deputies, the new rules would require at least 96 to vote for future changes to these articles — an unlikely scenario at the moment, since 86 voted for the amendments.”

Now THIS is an example of politicians using their political power for good!

The ban prohibits abortion in ALL circumstances, including babies conceived in rape!

Unlike weak-kneed politicians in America who claim to be “pro-life” but then list off a host of exceptions – this piece of legislation was solid, and now it is the law of the land.

With so many babies slayed at the hands of abortionists, it is refreshing to know there are still pro-life advocates making a difference in the world.

When politicians actually ban together and use their power for good – they can make a difference in this world.

Only God knows how many babies will be saved and given a chance at life, thanks to the law protecting them.

But not only did these politicians succeed in protecting unborn babies – they also locked down a provision stating marriage can only be between one man and one woman!

In a world that has gone mad and allowed (and even funded) the “transgender” agenda, even going so far as to put politics above the safety of our children, it is heartwarming to know there are still conservative pockets in the world who refuse to adapt to the current culture.

While there are only a handful of countries left in the world that make abortion illegal, we can only hope and pray the same pro-life tide will sweep across the world and restore the years the locusts have eaten.

Thank you, Honduras, for being a bold example of pro-life and pro-family values for the world to see.

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