This Show Aims To Attack Every Conservative Value There Is

It seems that the left’s progressive agenda has taken hold of our culture so tightly that nothing shocks us anymore.

Their propaganda has become so far-reaching that we are becoming numb to it – exactly what they intend in an attempt to normalize their agenda.

But Americans just received a wake-up call in the form of a new cable TV series so sickening that it should renew the fight in all of us.

Surprise – this disgusting new show comes to us courtesy of Netflix, who time and again mocks traditional values and airs programming simply for shock value.

The new series, Insatiable, premiered on the network in August.  It is rated MA for mature audiences, but because it’s about a group of high-schoolers, you know younger teens will be watching.

The series revolves around main character Patty, played by Debby Ryan, an actress with many (surprise!) Disney Channel appearances on her resume.

Patty, previously known as “Fatty Patty” was an obese teen who becomes “thin and sexy” over summer vacation after she was assaulted by a man who called her “fat.”

She survives on a liquid diet after having her mouth wired shut due to her injuries, allowing her to miraculously lose weight.

And the man who assaulted her?  She murders him, of course.  He’s homeless and no one notices his disappearance – human beings are nothing of value to the creators of this series.

The backstory of Patty’s weight loss had liberals in an uproar over the fat-shaming taking place in the first episodes of the series.

But in their typical fashion of outright hypocrisy, the sick plot line that has evolved since — and covers every item of their progressive agenda — has drawn nothing but silence from them.

This is perhaps the most disturbing program to ever hit the airwaves, and it becomes obvious when reading reviews and summaries of the “plot” that there is only one point to this show.

Shock value and further indoctrination to normalize the pet causes of the left.

This show has it all.  It is quite possibly the most offensive program towards Christians ever produced.

After Patty loses weight, she decides to enter the “Miss Magic Jesus” pageant.  In order to qualify, she must first be baptized.  And that’s where the anti-Christian rhetoric begins.

The show mocks baptism, traditional Christian Southerners, and just about every other aspect of our faith.

Before Patty’s baptism, she is somehow accidentally drugged, causing a hallucination in which she thinks she is hearing the voice of God (in the form of a donut) telling her to “fill the hole” in her life by doing whatever she wants.

She is sexualized as she comes out of the baptismal waters in a “wet t-shirt contest” type of scene.  Who comes to the rescue?  Some drag queens from the local LGBTQ center.

After becoming part of the Body of Christ, what does Patty do?  She has oral sex with her boyfriend on top of a piece of Noah’s Ark playground equipment at the church.

But, wait, it gets much, much worse.

While training for the pageant and struggling with her transformation, Patty is surrounded by characters who all seem to be questioning their gender identity – from her coach, who was falsely accused of raping a previous contestant and then questions his sexuality, to her best friend, who discovers she is a lesbian.

Patty also has an in-depth discussion with a transgender woman as they dare to compare her weight loss transformation to completely changing one’s God-given biology.

Later in the series, Patty discovers she is pregnant and the writers jump on the chance to advocate for abortion in one episode.  Her best friend says, “You’re not thinking of keeping it, are you?

She decides on an abortion, even though her own mother kept her after her own teenage pregnancy.

Don’t think it can get worse?

Well, this show aims to attack every conservative value there is.  During the pageant that Patty is competing in comes the most sickening part of the show.

While competing for the prize – the “Crown of Thorns” (yes, you read that right) – white-robed teens gyrate to a song blatant with sexual innuendo about our Savior.

Lyrics, too disgusting to even repeat, are sung about having sexual intercourse with Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is mocked as a sexual feeling, and the “climax” of the song is about the “Second Coming.”

Reviews of the program state there is really no plot to the show at all.  Story lines brought up in previous episodes unravel or are dismissed altogether.

Obviously, the entire point of the series is to degrade women and mock the Christian faith.

This is a call to action for all of us.

The left knows that when people view the same images and are exposed to the same material over and over again, we can become accepting of them.

It is one of the most effective components of brainwashing.

This program was created for one reason, and one reason only – to indoctrinate our teens and to normalize every deviant behavior the left stands for.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, sexualization of women, blasphemy against our God.

They could hardly have fit much more material in the series to offend Christians, although if the series continues, they certainly will.

Mommy Underground has called out Netflix several times on their blatantly progressive lineup of programming.

From scenes of child pornography in the movie Desire, to the sexualization of children in Big Mouth, Netflix needs to be on the chopping block in American homes.

If you have not yet canceled your Netflix subscription, now is the time to do so.  This company should not receive a dime of the hard-earned money of conservative Christians.

It is a warning sign to American viewers.  If we continue to support this company, they will assume that we agree with – even enjoy — the content of their programming.

Their attacks on Christians and traditional values will continue unchecked.  They will continue to brainwash our youth with their propaganda.

It is time to stand and fight against this onslaught before it’s too late.  Boycott Netflix.  Cancel your subscription.  And pray for the future of this nation as our values are further eroded each day.

Have you heard of the series Insatiable?  Do you think this sickening program will be a wake-up call to American families?  Leave us your thoughts.