Those Rescued From Abortion Bring Thanks To Trump

The battle against infant genocide is raging and tumultuous, bringing many people in power in stark opposition to one another.

It’s hard to imagine any decent human being thinking that it is okay to kill your unborn child, and even more unfathomable that you would publicly defend such a monstrous act.

Standing on the right side of the war is our legislative leader, President Donald Trump, speaking out for all the lost voices in this nation; and there is one particular group of children who are especially thankful.

Life Site News reports:

Stanton Healthcare, a Boise, Idaho-based pro-life women’s clinic with affiliates across the country and internationally, announced today that it will bring letters from children across the United States to President Trump thanking him for implementing pro-life policies.”

While all children are welcome to participate in the program, it is the children who have been saved from mothers who wanted abortions that stand out.

The initiative which is being called “Thank U Mr. President”, is looking to transform the way citizens view the lives being lost to abortion.

Brandi Swindell, Stanton’s Founder and CEO, speaks to LifeSite News concerning what the initiative is all about:

During the 2019 March for Life and Roe v. Wade memorial in Washington, D.C., Stanton Healthcare is bringing young children to our nation’s capital whose lives have been saved from abortion. They will not be coming alone, however. They will be bringing thank you letters and cards to President Trump from children all across America thanking our President for his courageous stand for life and working to end abortion. Suddenly, abortion is no longer a political issue but an issue involving real children and their futures.”

The word ‘abortion’ in itself is a way that individuals can disconnect their ideals from their actions, making the lives they take seem more like an act of implementing their “rights”.

All evil people compartmentalize in this way, shaping their life to somewhat resemble normalcy while engaging in abhorrent behavior at the same time.

For example, the prestigious career woman who has a fling with her co-worker after one too many cocktails and upon getting pregnant thinks that her career supersedes the life of her child, so she murders it, going back to work to excel in her department.

What about the hope and aspirations of the child that never got to live their dream, because their life was taken too soon?

President Trump is going to have the privilege of reading letters from children who are alive and free to create dreams and ambitions for their life.

Through all the opposition by the Democratic Party, our POTUS has stood true to the values and morals this country was founded on, and on the ones he has promised to uphold.

Stanton board member Rev. Patrick Mahoney is hoping that the children coming to DC will be able to hand deliver their written letters to President Trump and Vice President Pence directly.

Mahoney told LifeSite News about how the children saved from abortion are going to be the most powerful force in overturning Roe:

“We constantly hear from pro-choice activists ‘(motherhood) will ruin your life. And now we have these mothers with their children – who are in high school, who are productive – their lives are not ruined. They’re celebrating their children. And I actually think that these children are perhaps the greatest witness toward overturning Roe.”

Abortionists think that their views on the issue are political in nature, that the babies’ lives are a means to make a statement.

As Mahoney points out, these children that are being ripped from this world are real, and the issue is “personal” not “judicial”.

Many pro-life policies have been enacted thanks to our life-saving president. Some of the more notable ones, according to LifeSite News, include:

reinstating and expanding a ban on foreign aid to groups that commit or promote abortion; disqualifying groups that commit or promote abortions from receiving Title X family planning funds; overturning an Obama regulation that barred states from defunding Planned Parenthood, and issuing rules protecting Americans from being forced to subsidize abortion in government-mandated health insurance plans.”

These policies are in addition to the pro-life judges he has appointed, one of which is Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, just as he promised he would do when he was elected, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Children who want to be a part of the Thank U Mr. President initiative still have time to turn their letters in to Stanton to be given to the President.

Mail letters by January 10, 2019 to:

Stanton Healthcare

3684 N Harbor Lane

Boise, ID 83703

Swindell closes his statement about the initiative saying, “We believe these precious children will remind our nation what is really at stake through abortion and offer a positive way forward toward ending abortion and offering hope and healing to women who find themselves in unexpected pregnancies.”

These words resonate such truth. Each child is a blessing, created with purpose. It is not the government’s place to say when a human life is valuable.

Life is intrinsically purposeful, granted by God, and no man can take that away. Murder has consequences and is morally appalling, it’s about time people take responsibility for that.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the letters the kids are writing, and how it may affect the pro-choice community.





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