Top 10 Crunchy Mom Moves

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Chances are everyone reading this either knows a crunchy mom or is one themselves.

You know the type, the one who has a chia seed cake at their son’s birthday party, or who has the essential oils ready when someone complains of a symptom.

Being a crunchy mom is a commitment and a lifestyle choice. This path may begin as a choice but quickly becomes second nature.

It’s automatic once you turn crunchy to consider ingredient lists of everything you eat and everything you put on your body.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of the modern definition of a crunchy mom then check out our article “Crunchy Mommy Madness.”

In a nutshell to be a crunchy mom means that you make conscious choices that provide optimum benefit for you, your family and the environment.

Or as BabyGaga puts it:

It’s about making health-conscious decisions that support having a safe environment for continual growth and prosperity.”

There are some things that most crunchy moms do that stick out from the general public, and we will talk about the top ones that define them.

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