Top 10 Tell All Ways You Know You Are In A Healthy Marriage

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Finding the love of your life is one of the most exciting moments that can happen in your life. The feeling of true bliss and that everything is perfect.

Marriage is the next step for most, and after finding your “perfect” soulmate you choose to be with more than anyone else.

After the perfect day of vowing to be together forever, you go on your honeymoon, and then you arrive to the home with the white picket fence; or some version of that.

The first couple years of marriage can be difficult. There are countless compromises and many things you will learn about your new spouse and yourself that will challenge you.

During those less than perfect moments, you may be wondering how your marriage is faring in the big picture of things.

Composed for your comfort and assurance are ten ways you can know your marriage can weather the storm.

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