Top 5 Reasons To Communicate With Your Husband After A Baby

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There are many changes a new mom goes through after having a baby, like a body of different proportions to start.

Society, and their image obsessed culture, focuses on the post baby body more than many of the other serious life altering things associated with bringing home a little human to care for.

What is not addressed in the discharge papers from the hospital is that while you are coping with drastically fluctuating hormones, your husband has much to adjust to as well.

Your husband has much to consider when a new mouth to feed comes under his roof, he wants to be supportive financially and emotionally, but he doesn’t always know how.

If you are not careful in giving him time to adjust and cope with the changes, it is easy to get caught up in your own trials and tribulations.

Scary mommy wrote on what happens when you don’t discuss your new needs as a mom with your husband:

Eventually, my hormones leveled a bit and I slowly started to feel like myself again. But the nail in my side was my partner — my dear husband who gets on my nerves daily for habits I never noticed pre-baby.”

Don’t get to a point where you grow resentful of one another, communicate what you are going through as it comes up so you have a partner during this stressful, and beautiful time, instead of a foe.

If time is an issue, send texts or leave notes to ensure there is no festering issue that creates a wedge between your relationship.

You want to enjoy this precious and short time together while your children are babies, here are the top 5 reasons you want to keep the lanes of communication open.

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