Top 5 Reasons You Want To Have A Birth Plan

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Giving birth is one of the happiest moments in your life. The surge of hormones help amplify the experience, but seeing your long awaited bundle of joy is almost more than you can handle.

Most of the details of labor and delivery fly by like a whirlwind through the pain and anticipation.

Looking back, did you get the treatment you wanted? Did your baby have the best options for their first moments of life outside the womb?

Having a birth plan is a great tool to have in your labor and delivery arsenal; some would even argue it is as important as which doctor you choose.

There are those moms who find a birthing plan too restrictive and tedious, let’s present 5 reasons it may be a good idea to go ahead and make one anyway.

If you are a mom who loves to be prepared, let this list act as a reassurance that you may be preventing unnecessary worry.

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