Traveling Mom Fined $18k Because Her COVID-19 Test Was Expired By Just 2-Hours

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash


Traveling with little ones is stressful enough – but adding the stress of following the latest COVID-19 mandate makes it almost unbearable.

When one mom made the trip from Canada to the United States with her children and their grandmother for a medical appointment – they never dreamed they’d end up locked in a quarantine facility and fined thousands of dollars.

And once you hear why this mom and her children were detained – you’re bound to be horrified.

This poor mom did everything she could to follow all the government mandates.

She had COVID-19 test results (showing they were all negative) for her family – and as she was headed back to cross the Canadian border, she ran into car trouble.

Because of the delay, her COVID-19 test results were expired by a mere 2-hours.

Even though they were negative, and it was clear the mom had every intent to follow proper protocol – the ruthless border agents refused to accept her test results.

But instead of turning her away to simply retake the test (which is a hassle enough) they actually fined her a whopping $3,000 PER PERSON bringing her total fine to $18,000!

Naturally, the mother and her entire family were traumatized by the whole experience, and couldn’t believe the heartlessness of those in charge.

LifeSite News reported:

“I was just doing what I was told to do. And still, this is what happened. I was totally compliant. I’m doing this, I’m doing that. I was getting tested. I was trying my best to give them what they wanted, and it still wasn’t good enough. I had no wiggle room. No, they were just so rigid.”

The mother said that the border agents would not listen to her pleas, saying repeatedly that they had “zero tolerance” for infractions.

The mother along with her four children — aged 9, 12, 14, and 16 — and their grandmother each received the maximum fine possible. The family was then ordered to drive to the nearest Designated Quarantine Facility (DQF), which is in Winnipeg where they were told they must stay until they can receive another COVID test.”

This is yet another example of an abuse of power.

For these agents to fine a mother, her four children, and their grandmother who made a good-faithed effort to comply is absurd.

In the name of “safety” the world has gone mad.

Instead of seeing people as human beings, it has become a battle of the State against the individual.

Businesses have been closed for months or closed their doors for good, livelihoods have been ruined, and families have been destroyed.

While this happened in Canada, there’s no telling how crazy things will get right here in the United States with Biden leading the show.

One never dreamed churches and schools would be closed for nearly a year, but here we are.

So moms, if you’re brave enough to jump through all the ridiculous “safety” hoops and travel – make sure you know the rules of where you’re going.

Or – take an RV road trip instead and skip all the frustration!

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