Trump’s Latest Move Just Crushed The LGBT Agenda

Under Barack Obama, liberal activists forced their pro-LGBT agenda into every aspect of government, without restraint.

In fact, LGBT activists were used to the support and backing of Obama and his liberal administration to help them enact their radical LGBT policies.

But under President Trump, everything has changed. And Trump’s latest move has infuriated the LGBT crowd, as Trump just shut down their agenda, shattering their world.

Trump has made it clear he would put an end to Obama’s leftist policies, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Keeping his campaign promise, he continues to roll back the LGBT agenda, leaving liberals scrambling to keep up.

And his latest move sent a loud and clear message to the LGBT crowd, making it clear he would not stand for their bias and out-of-control agenda.

The Trump administration recently removed a page from the Health and Human Services website which appealed to “bisexual” women.

The original webpage stated LGBT women faced “discrimination” because doctors weren’t trained to deal with their certain “health issues.”

Now, when people click the page, an error message pops up.

LifeSite News reported:

“The Sunlight Foundation reports that the Trump administration has deleted from HHS’s Office of Women’s Health website a page titled, “Lesbian and bisexual health.”

The original URL leads to an error message and the page is inaccessible from any other part of the site.

The page, archived here, said that while “all women have specific health risks,” lesbians and bisexual women are at greater risk for heart disease, cancer, certain sexually-transmitted diseases, depression, anxiety, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

It further claims that lesbians and bisexuals face unique problems in the healthcare system, such as doctors who lack the training for their specific needs and health professionals who don’t believe a lesbian or bisexual woman “can be a healthy, normal female.”

Trump’s team sent a bold message to the LGBT crowd, letting them know their agenda would no longer be tied into the HHS page as a specific “health crisis.”
Doctor’s are able to treat patients. They are skilled professionals who know how to handle a variety of healthcare issues.

As Mommy Underground recently reported, the LGBT healthcare initiatives were getting out of control.

Certain men who “claimed” to be women, wanted specific screenings for thing such as cervical cancer when they don’t have a cervix. When these men were told they couldn’t have the same screenings as women, they were “offended.”

Enough is enough.

Naturally, the LGBT crowd is outraged at Trump’s latest move, and they are claiming Trump is trying to make them “invisible.”

While in reality, Trump is simply putting a stop to pandering to their ways.

LifeSiteNews continued:

“Pro-homosexual advocacy groups have condemned the news in similar terms, with SAGE accusing the administration of “trying to make LGBT people invisible” and the so-called Human Rights Campaign vowing, “we won’t be erased.”

Since taking office, Vice News details, the Trump administration has removed LGBT references in a variety of government materials.

In the first month of Trump’s presidency, nearly all instances of the LGBT acronym were scrubbed from the State Department’s website, last March the US Census Bureau stopped asking for survey respondents’ sexual orientation or gender identity, and last October HHS cut all LGBT references from its Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2018-2022.”

Liberals are finally being put in their place under President Trump.

Doctors should focus on taking care of patients who are actually sick and need help, not scrambling to cater to a minority of people with gender dysphoria, who demand special treatment.

Do you think the Trump administration made the right move to remove the pro-LGBT material from the official Department of Health And Human Services website?

Should the LGBT population have special healthcare privileges?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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