Turn Over A New Leaf At Work And Stop Doing These 3 Things At Work Immediately

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The workplace can be an interesting place – maybe you love your job and get along with your co-workers, or perhaps office politics dominates and it’s everyone for themselves.

Regardless of which camp you fall into – even if it is somewhere in between – there are still a few major things you should never do at work.

Participating in these toxic activities will sabotage your career and make you a target in the workplace.



It’s true what they say – he who gossips to you, will gossip about you.

While gossip may seem like “harmless” chatter – the truth is it reveals you are petty and untrustworthy.

People with true confidence don’t need to talk bad about others to prop themselves up.

And as it’s often discovered, so much of gossip isn’t even true.

Even if what you’re saying is true, imagine how hurtful it can be to the person being gossiped about – to know their shortcomings are the talk at the water cooler.

If you find yourself with a group of colleagues who are gossiping, you can chime in and say something positive about that person, or walk away.


Take All The Credit

Nobody likes a showboat.

If you are the type who always takes credit for everything, your co-workers will resent you.

Success takes a team – it isn’t a one-person job.

Now of course, you shouldn’t swing to the opposite end of the spectrum and never take credit for your work.

It’s all about balance.

If your co-worker has a good idea – give them props in front of the boss. Point out it was their idea.

Chances are, your co-workers (if they aren’t total jerks) will do the same for you.


Displaying Your Personal Drama

It can be tempting to come into work and rant about all the horrible things happening in your life.

But don’t do it!

You might be labeled as dramatic, or even worse your boss might be concerned you are emotionally unstable.

Even if you have “friends” at work – keep the outside personal talk to a minimum.

Of course, if you are having a major life event like having a baby or getting married, it’s okay to celebrate with your co-workers.

If they like you, they’ll probably even throw you a shower!

And remember, everyone has problems. Each of your co-workers is likely facing some troubles in an area of their life.

Imagine how depressing an environment it would be if your colleagues came in everyday and complained about all the things going wrong in their life?

Instead – do your best to keep personal talk general and don’t delve into specifics.


Tomorrow Is A New Day

If you are doing any of these things – stop.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Tomorrow is a new day, and you can walk into the workplace a new person.

By eliminating these toxic behaviors at work, you’re sure to find the workplace a more pleasant place to work.

And who knows, your productivity may even increase!

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