Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Here’s What Your Missing On The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

When the news broke on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Americans were unanimous in their outrage, lambasting his actions and starting a social media storm.

The “Me Too” campaign was launched full of women posting about the multiple times they’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted.

But make no mistake, while the Harvey Weinstein scandal is horrific, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. And just a few weeks back, Americans mourned and awarded a man who was known for equally reprehensible actions.

But why the double standard?

If men and women alike are both horrified at Weinstein’s actions, as they should be, where was the equal outrage towards Hugh Hefner?

To be honest, it was almost non-existent.

When Hugh Hefner passed away, Americans, both men and women, took to social media calling him a hero.

This is the same “hero”, who made a living off sexually exploiting women. The man who cheated on his wife, who openly encouraged Americans to view pornography, and who viewed women as sexual objects.

So where was the equal outrage surrounding Hugh Hefner?

Conservative writer Matt Walsh sheds light on the blind spot, and calls out the double standard liberals love to embrace- the hypocrisy of condemning Weinstein as a predator, yet celebrating Hefner as a hero.

The Daily Wire reported:

“For just one illustration, take a look at how The Daily Beast has reported on the physical and professional demise of Hefner and Weinstein, respectively.

They’ve published many blaring headlines rightfully calling Weinstein a “predator” whose “reign of terror” left countless victims in its wake.

As for Hefner, they lauded his “civil rights legacy” and credited him with “bringing sex out of the shadows.” The fact that he “brought sex out of the shadows” by objectifying thousands of women, while keeping a harem of teenage girls who performed sexual acts on his elderly, decrepit body because they thought it was the best way to advance their softcore porn careers, is apparently irrelevant.

We seem to have a very confused notion of sexual morality. Mostly because we have no notion of it. We’re making it up as we go along.

One minute we’re calling a creepy 90-year-old man a hero because he coerced a bunch of girls to get naked for him, the next we’re crucifying a creepy 65-year-old man because he did something quite similar.

These kinds of glaring inconsistencies are par for the course in our culture. We celebrate the porn industry even as we decry the sex trafficking that fuels it.

We mock Mike Pence for respecting boundaries even as we panic over the sexual harassment that Pence’s policy is meant to avoid. We encourage guys and girls in college to get together for booze-fueled coed parties even as we wring our hands over the supposed “rape epidemic” these parties cause. None of this makes any sense at all.”

Exploitation of women should be condemned no matter who initiates it. Either you denounce sexual harassment or you don’t, you can’t have it both ways.

Liberals need to understand the policies they criticize, such as Pence setting boundaries with other women to honor his marriage are the same policies that will stop fueling the lude culture liberals criticize yet embrace at the same time.

While it’s good they are outraged at Weinstein’s actions, they should be equally outraged at the life Hugh Hefner lived, and the lives he ruined during his reign.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, just because you die, you don’t become a hero.

Men and women need to work together to put a stop to the sexual harassment and abuse women face.

By refusing to view or buy pornography, and condemning those who sexually exploit women, this moral crisis can be avoided.

Let’s not wait until another scandal hits the airwaves to do something about it.

The time is now. Speak up if you see a woman being sexually harassed. And stop celebrating pimps like Hefner and calling them heroes. They are cowards.

Do you think the actions of Harvey Weinstein and Hugh Heffner are equally as horrific?

How do you think America can stop the celebration of sexual harassment of women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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