UNBELIEVABLE – This Young Woman Had 17 Abortions In 6 Years

Advocates for abortion often argue abortion is a “healthcare” option for women who get pregnant by mistake.

They paint the picture of a scared young girl who made a mistake and should have the “right” to murder her unborn baby to fix her “mess.”

But pro-lifers know many women use abortion as a method of birth-control, and the story of one woman and her 17 abortions will shock you.

Xiao Ju lives in China and is sexually active.

At the age of 21 she became pregnant and learned she could “make her problem go away” by getting an abortion.

But since her first abortion at 21, she has had 16 more since then, totaling 17 abortions in just 6 years!

Apparently, even the doctors are begging her to stop having abortions, warning her she may have damaged her body so bad she’ll never be able to have children again.

LifeSite News reported:

“Dr. Zhao Qin, who is chief of gynecology at Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Hubei province of China, begged the woman to give birth to her latest preborn child rather than having it killed because it may have been her last opportunity to become a mother to a living child. Unfortunately, the prospective mother demanded the abortion, leaving abortionists to kill her baby.

This was Xiao Ju’s seventeenth abortion in six years, having had her first at 21 years of age. That was when she began having relations with her male companion of six years, using abortion as her preferred method of “birth control.” She averaged about three abortions per year.”

Because of this young woman’s ruthless actions, 17 babies have lost their lives.

17 babies were forced to suffer because a woman willfully chose to have unprotected sex and became pregnant as a result.

Who knows what they would have become of these babies’ lives had they only been given the chance at life?

It is horrifying to hear how a mother could be so eager and willful to kill her own children.

And her actions allude to the shocking reality she is without remorse.

But sadly, the culture of death doesn’t just reign in China.

Right here in our own backyard, countless women advocate for the “right” to murder their unborn babies without question.

Like the woman who actually sang to her unborn baby before she murdered her.

Or the woman who didn’t have an abortion, but after struggling to raise her special needs child wished she had.

Just as tragic, the abortion industry seeks to further “encourage” these women that abortion is the only way out.

In fact, pro-aborts seek to make abortion even easier for women by allowing women to order their abortions online.

And the delusion on the reality of abortion comes straight from the top.

Who could forget Planned Parenthood’s CEO claiming abortion is actually “pro-life”?

Which in a warped way almost encourages women who kill their unborn babies that they are making the right choice.

As for Xiao Ju, only God knows if she will become pregnant again.

Let’s hope those who are pro-life in China continue to educate and train women on what abortion is, and dispel the lie that it is simply “birth control.”

But with so many abortions happening right in here in the USA, and with the recent push to make abortion even more accessible without restrictions, it appears we are not too far behind in following China’s footsteps.

What are your thoughts on Xiao Ju’s 17 abortions in 6 years?

Why do you think some women have such a disregard for their own babies?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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