Wow! Single Dad Steps Up And Adopts 5 Children With Special Needs 

In a heartwarming tale of pure love, one single dad demonstrated his faithfulness by stepping up to do what others would not.

Once learning there were children with special needs who were deemed “hard to place” and were without a home, Ben Carpenter decided to do something about it. 

Determined to give these children a home – this dad adopted not only 1 child with special needs – but 5 – and once you learn the reason why – you’re bound to be touched in the most incredible way. 

Ben claimed he always felt the desire to be a father and protect and provide for children.

When he saw there were children with special needs who didn’t have a home – he decided to see if adoption could be an option.

After talking with the local adoption agency – they deemed he was a good fit! 

Since this dad had a career of taking care of adults with special needs, he had the knowledge and ability to properly care for these children.

Ben adopted children with a wide range of challenging disabilities making his  bold move of love even more amazing.

Metro UK reported:

“Ben’s oldest child Jack has autism, Ruby has limited use of her arms due to missing bones and Pierre Robin syndrome, Lily is deaf and Joseph has Down Syndrome. Noah’s syndrome and severe birth defects affect all four of his limbs but has fit into the family ‘just perfectly,’ Ben said.”

When asked how the whole process came about, Ben expressed his desire for these children to feel loved and accepted, and he felt he was the one to do it.

Metro UK continued:

“He said: ‘I was flicking through an adoption magazine that comes from monthly featuring children who are deemed as ‘hard to place’ children, when I came across this picture of a little baby who quite clearly had severe complex needs. ‘I thought to myself this little boy needs to join our family where he can be part of something special, but more importantly someone who can accept him and his disability. ‘I instantly fell in love with him what with his mass of brown hair and his beautiful blue eyes I knew instantly I wanted him to be my son.”

And the rest is history!

Only God knows why these precious children were placed up for adoption. 

Perhaps they weren’t wanted, abandoned, or their parents simply couldn’t care for their unique medical needs.

Regardless of the reason, thanks to this dad, these children will have the chance to grow up in a loving home, with a father who loves them unconditionally.

Often times, society tends to bash men as being unwilling to take on the responsibility of being a father.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

As Mommy Underground previously reported, there are dads all over the world serving their wives and families well.

And this latest example yet again shows an example of an ordinary man, who felt the inherent desire to provide and protect the least of these.

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This dad is living out his faith in real time.

Instead of sitting around and “waiting” for the world to become a better place – he is acting and doing his part.

His faith lived out should be an example and encouragement to us all!

If each and every one of us make the decision to serve in whatever ways we can to protect and advocate for children – the world will start to change.

What are your thoughts on this dad choosing to adopt 5 children with special needs?

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