You Will Want To Use This Grandma’s Perfect Holiday Gift

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Every holiday season it gets harder and harder to buy our loved ones a gift more special than the year before.

With the latest crazes changing every day, you can always go with whatever is popular – but what if you want a gift your loved one can enjoy for more than a month?

Well one grandma found the answer and is sharing her memorable idea with those of us who want to give beyond the toy de jour this year.

Darlene Waller has four grandchildren and wanted to give them something special – “instead of yet another toy or game to add to the clutter,” Café Mom shares.

But what can you get for an 11-year-old and 9-year-old boy that doesn’t shoot or make noise?

“Nonna,” as the grandkids call Darlene, found the perfect gift.

A note on top of a box explained how this year, Nonna was giving the gift of quality time – something we all want more of!

Inside the box were envelopes, each labeled with a month of the year.

And inside each envelope listed a surprise activity they would get to do that month with grandma, their parents, and other family members.

Some you choose, some I choose. But they are all fun as a family activity for us to do together,” Grandma included in her little note.

The boys had to wait until the beginning of each month to find out what adventure awaited them, but the anticipation was always filled with joy and excitement – exactly what we want in a gift.

Darlene told Café Mom:

“The older boys don’t need a thing. They have every toy and electronic made.”

“I’ve always enjoyed making memories, and a lot of the stuff I put in the adventure box was activities we would have done this year anyway.”

Inside the box of adventures was laser tag reservations, bowling vouchers, and baseball and movie tickets – just to name a few.

Darlene told Café Mom that not only did the boys love the gift – but the parents we’re thrilled about it too.

The boys loved it and the parents loved it too because they didn’t need more toys. They live on a budget so it was nice for them to be able to take the boys to the movies or bowling when they opened that envelope.”

“I took pictures every time we did one of the adventures, and I’m making a scrapbook for them to give to them this year.”

The holidays are a trying time for Americans on a budget (which most of us are) and far too many go into debt by spending beyond their means.

Besides, most kids already have way more stuff than they need anyways – so why not skip the grueling task of preparing your home for a new shipment of toys and give them the gift of quality time instead – just like Nonna did.