You Won’t Believe the Shocking Demands Made on Two Pregnant Women

By now, we’re all used to the left’s barrage of propaganda and the widespread implementation of their progressive agenda on our society.

But what happens when the attacks become personal from someone close to you?

One woman’s experience was so shocking, it is impossible to even comprehend – and leads us to question how things could possibly get worse.

“Bridezilla” is a term that has been coined for women who are so controlling about their wedding being perfect that they make everyone’s lives miserable in the process.

We can all relate to being asked to wear a bridesmaid’s dress that we wouldn’t otherwise buy in a million years or having all the attention on a bride-to-be for months on end.

But one bride-to-be is being rightfully shamed on social media for calling out a friend for potentially “ruining” her upcoming wedding.

What was her “offense?”

The bride was disgusted when her friend, who was to be a bridesmaid, announced she was pregnant a year before the wedding.

The poor woman had thought she was not able to conceive, so she was thrilled to find out that she was pregnant.

But she certainly didn’t get the reaction she had hoped for from one of her best friends.

This bridezilla was not only concerned that her friend would not be available to help her with wedding planning and dress fittings.  She also reminded her that the wedding was to be “kid-free” and berated her for daring to conceive at such an “inconvenient” time.

No, she took it even further by unbelievably telling her friend that it would be “better to have an abortion” so as not to ruin the wedding, according to Yahoo.

There has certainly been a shift in our country with many young adults expressing a sense of entitlement, but this is the worst case of selfishness imaginable.

The woman was confused by the bride-to-be’s response, so she asked her to clarify what she really meant.

“I had to read that one a few times.  I asked if she seriously just suggested I get an abortion to make her wedding go more smoothly???? And she told me I was ruining my life and then called her mom on me to tell me to have an abortion,” the woman posted on Facebook.

When this young woman posted about her experience, users were obviously appalled, calling the bride’s suggestion “pure evil.”  They wished her all the best on her new beautiful baby – and suggested she find better friends.

We couldn’t agree more.

There is no end to these “bridezilla” stories, with another bride posting on Reddit that she expects her friend to reimburse her $30,000 for “ruining” her wedding.

Did this bridesmaid have a little too much to drink and cause a scene?  Was she rude to wedding guests or make an offensive speech at the reception?

No, she was pregnant, showing a lovely baby bump.

The bride claims that her friend’s pregnancy, extroverted personality, and “good looking” husband stole the show and took all the attention away from her big day.

“She was hugely pregnant, and didn’t refrain from showing it off.  In my husband’s culture, getting pregnant before late 20s/30s, married or not, is basically a teenage pregnancy and drew ATTENTION,” said the bride, according to the Daily Mail.

Once again, users were stunned.

They commented on her selfish behavior and the fact that it was a huge overreaction to storm out of her own wedding.

It would appear that this bride, not her pregnant friend, was the cause of any drama or embarrassment.

“Getting angry at a bridesmaid for being pregnant, or — gasp — having an attractive husband and an outgoing personality is just ridiculous,” read one comment, according to Yahoo.

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Comments were also critical for the ridiculous, judgmental comments the woman received that she was too young to have a child – in her mid-20s.

Mommy Underground also brought you the story of another bride who mandated that moms who attended her wedding must nurse their babies away from other guests in an isolated spot – going so far as to provide blankets to cover themselves.

These are not isolated incidents.  Many brides are so focused on the need for attention on the big day that they have little care for the needs and comforts of the women who are there to support them.

Of course, every woman wants her wedding day to be special.

But weddings seem to get more elaborate and expensive every year – and some brides cannot accept anything but perfection.

It is absurd to try to control the life circumstances of someone attending a wedding.  It is a celebration of life and these two “bridezilla” stories affecting pregnant women are absurd – and frightening.

Perhaps it is time for these overwrought brides to calm things down a bit and take the focus off of themselves and this one day.

After all, it’s the marriage – not the wedding – that is what it’s all about.

What do you think of the outrageous demands placed on these bridesmaids by – hopefully – former friends?  Leave us your comments.