You Won’t Believe The Shocking Number Of Women Who Felt Forced To Abort Their Babies


Pro-aborts often spread the lie that women are “choosing” abortion – trying to convince the public that abortion is a “health right.”

Of course, they never tell the stories of all the women who felt pressure to abort their babies – or even forced.

In fact, new studies reveal the alarming number of women who felt pressured to kill their babies– and once you hear how high the number actually is – you’re bound to be shocked.

Live Action reported:

“Studies show that 64% of post-abortive women felt pressured to abort. At the same time, 67% received no counseling before undergoing the abortion and 79% received no information about available alternatives. Often, mothers face pressure from parents, boyfriends, employers, and friends to undergo an abortion.”

More than half of the women who had an abortion felt pressured to do so!

And nearly 80 percent of post-abortive women didn’t even know they had a chance to keep their baby – as alternatives were never presented to them.

Of course, this is how the abortion industry works.

They mislead women into believing they are making an “empowering choice” – when the truth is they are eliminating all other alternatives (outside of abortion) from them.

Many pregnant women are scared – and don’t know where to turn when pregnant.

While there are crisis pregnancy centers out there, sadly these women don’t seem to find them.

Instead, these women find themselves in the hands of an eager pro-abort who is ready to cut out their baby – or give them a couple pills to make the pregnancy “go away.”

To add further fuel to the fire, certain businesses and industries have been known to be unfriendly to pregnant women – and even discriminate against them.

Mommy Underground previously reported at the shocking number of Amazon workers who had miscarriages due to cruel working conditions while they were pregnant.

Other professions tell women they essentially have to decide – keep their baby or keep their job.

Live Action continued:

“Live Action News recently covered the accounts of police officers in Washington, D.C., who say they were coerced into abortion. Told to end their preborn babies’ lives or lose their jobs, the women underwent abortions. A group of women is suing the Metropolitan Police Department for the pregnancy discrimination they suffered.”

We’ve entered dark days when employers actually threaten women with their livelihood unless they kill their babies.

Regarding the DC police officers – they felt pressured and likely feared the loss of income and their entire career – so they had the abortions – although now they are suing.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workforce has got to stop.

If more pregnant women knew they had a support system around them – and other options outside of abortion – the abortion rate would likely decrease, automatically.

So, the next time you hear the argument that abortion is an “empowering choice” for women – remember the majority of women who actually go through with their abortions did so under pressure or force.

Our women deserve better.

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