You Won’t Believe The Shocking Pornographic Content At This Library

Libraries were once thought of as a safe place for children to study and learn, but they are becoming one of the most dangerous places on earth.

And a recent report reveals children are being exposed to pornographic content, but you won’t believe the sneaky way libraries are letting it through.

Even more tragic, parents are kept in the dark at the perverted secret libraries don’t want them to know.

Children are known to study at libraries after school, and often use research software to complete their homework assignments.

Thankfully, most libraries have strict filters, preventing vulgar or obscene content from trickling through.

At least that’s what libraries want you to believe.

As it turns out, when children as young children are using a library database in one local city, and when they put in innocent terms such as “girl’s stories”,  they are bombarded with pornographic content such as BDSM and erotic stories.

Even worse, libraries are aware the database allows this content.

But fed up parents have had enough and they are fighting back!

In fact, they are so distraught at what their children have been exposed to, they are actually suing the library.

One father reports the horror he experienced once he realized his middle school daughter was exposed to pornography.

The Denver Post reported:

She calls to me, ‘You need to come here right now and see if I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing’” Paterson said Wednesday. “It was just appalling. And the thought our middle school daughter could be exposed to that was just appalling.”

That day two years ago led to Wednesday’s filing of a lawsuit against a national contractor that sells online research databases to schools and the nonprofit Colorado Library Consortium, alleging they spread pornography to unsuspecting Colorado school kids.

Pornography is Not Education, a parent group led by the Patersons, alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Arapahoe County District Court that databases provided by EBSCO Industries Inc., and distributed by the consortium, contain erotic and BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) stories that could be located through innocent searches by kids and their parents.”

Hats off to these brave parents for fighting back!

Sexual deviant minds are obsessed with targeting children, and it’s truly horrific.

To think a small child can’t research homework through her local library account without being exposed to pornographic content is truly unbelievable, and an example of evil on full display.

Sadly, this is nothing new.

As Mommy Underground  previously reported, some libraries are even having drag-queens read stories to children.

Grown men, dressed as woman, reading stories to innocent children.

These examples show just how far society has fallen, and how serious the culture war is against our children.

Moms, we must remain vigilant!

It’s no longer safe to assume libraries are a safe place children can go and relax.

Make sure to teach your child to always report anything inappropriate they see to you.

The bad guys win by trying to keep parents in the dark at what is really happening behind the scenes.

What are your thoughts children being able to access pornographic content through innocent school searches?

Do you agree with the parents’ decision to sue the library and database company?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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