7 Foods Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Eat Now

  1. Salmon

You’ve  heard a lot about Omega-3’s and DHEA during pregnancy but many moms don’t know that it is just as important to continue getting these important fatty acids after pregnancy. In fact, everyone should be diligent to make these a regular part of their diet.

Capriglione chose salmon, particularly because “Omega-3s can increase milk supply, and salmon is full of them. “Salmon is high in DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, which is super important for your little one’s developing brain and nervous system,” she says. “It’s also a good source of protein to consume one time a week. An omega-3 supplement can help you stay on track if you don’t care for fish or are vegan.”

Flaxseed is another great option for both vegans and meat-eaters.

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