7 Get Lean Tips to Have Your Beach Body Ready

Make a Plan for Success

Are you an early morning person, who loves to rise before the kids and have a hot breakfast waiting on the table?

If you are a early riser, make your fitness routine first priority. Have your workout done before the kids get up and prep your meals for the day so you won’t be tempted to grab a bag of chocolate chips for lunch when your toddler wants you to re-enact a Moana scene for the hundredth time.

Or, are you a night owl, getting your second wind after all those beautiful little heads hit the pillow?

If so, save your workout for prior to bed, and prep the following days food afterward.

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Just be careful not to overeat post workout, aiming for a small high protein and complex carb snack.

Don’t fight your natural rhythm, it will only end in defeat. Go with the flow and make a plan that truly works for your lifestyle.