Wow! You Won’t Believe The Latest Gillette “Transgender” Ad

LBGT activists have yet again used a confused “transgender” woman to promote their agenda and her exploitation is sickening.

Gillette found a woman who “thinks she’s a man” to star in a disturbed retail ad in hopes to win sympathy for their cause.

And once you find out the details of this ad, you’re sure to be disgusted at just how far LGBT activists are willing to go.

To start, Gillette shows what appears to be a young man shaving his face, with his father showing him how to shave.

Except, upon further review it turns out the young man is actually a “woman” who is portrayed as a hero for finally “transitioning” into a man and learning to shave her face.

Even more horrifying, the actor in this ad is a “trans activist” who was thrilled to use her “acting skills” to promote all things transgender.

LifeSite News reported:

“Transitioning has been a form of shapeshifting. At least that is how I understand it from the messages my ancestors have told me. I also see transitioning as a form of dying. The female me completely died when I began to medically transition and I had already grieved the female I never related to or identified with,” the actor continued.

“When I transitioned my family had to grieve the female they assigned me as. For some of them, it’s been the longest grieving/funeral process ever. For others, they had grieved along with me, long before I ever went under the knife. I think my mum is still grieving. She is just putting on a better show of being okay with having to grieve.”

Statements like these reveal a woman who struggles with gender dysphoria who needs mental counseling.

By allowing this woman to promote a popular product, which condones and supports her “transgender” state, Gillette is simply further adding to this young woman’s mental confusion.

Even more horrific, this latest ad shows the “anything goes” mentality, with Gillette execs being permitted to even run this type of ad.

Showing a woman who thinks she’s a man “shaving her face” does not reveal some type of inner strength.

It pulls the curtain back to a troubled soul who is struggling to find her own worth, and who is being used as a pawn by LGBT activists to promote an agenda.

And the worst part of all is now this ad is forever public and will follow this woman around for the rest of her life.

Studies reveal that men and women who adopt a “transgender” switch end up suicidal and depressed.

Imagine a confused young teen seeing this ad of a woman pretending to “be a man” and shaving her face.

All this ad does is further encourage those who struggle with their gender identity to continue down a dark path.

Gillette should be ashamed for using their power and status to hurt more people.

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But sadly, this is nothing new.

The media is obsessed with denying gender and encouraging teens and children to adopt a “transgender” lifestyle.

And in this dark era where “anything goes”, even commercials have become unsafe for our children to watch.

What are your thoughts on the new Gillette “transgender” ad?

Do you think Gillette has taken things too far?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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