A Christmas Miracle! Teen Boy Fought For His Life And Overcame Brain Cancer 

Families and friends are celebrating this Christmas season knowing teenager Baxter has another year of life.

An aggressive form of brain cancer tried to take him out, but he overcame the odds and now has the chance to spend the holidays with his loved ones.

All are calling it a “Christmas Miracle” – and once you hear his story you’re bound to be moved at how he was able to overcome the odds. 

According to 7 News, Baxter was set to graduate high school when suddenly everything changed.

Weeks before his graduation, he was diagnosed with not one, but two forms of aggressive brain tumors.

Things looked bleak and continued to worsen.

According to doctors, he died on the operating table, twice. 

His family was willing to do anything to beat back the cancer, so they agreed to participate in a clinical trial.

And just in time for Christmas, his family received the incredible answer to prayer that the treatment actually worked!

The treatment saved Baxter’s life and he is now cancer free!

Baxter is thrilled to celebrate Christmas this year with family as a cancer survivor and already has plans to travel and enjoy life as a teenager.

But not willing to let his suffering go to waste, he also plans to continue to speak and raise money for the Minderoo Foundation, which lists “eliminating cancer” as one of its key initiatives.

Recalling on his personal struggle in a deep and meaningful way, Baxter recalled the fear he once faced.

The Minderoo Foundation reportred:

“Dr. Narulla had completed my surgery almost to perfection, despite the anaesthetist having to bring me back to life twice during the procedure. I woke up unable to feel my arms and legs. I couldn’t see or swallow. I was moved from hospital bed to hospital bed and was finally settled in the intensive care unit (ICU). There I was placed on a drip involving a concoction of drugs and heavy steroids. I regained movement of my arms and was beginning to feel my legs. However, I was still unable to walk, swallow and had double vision so bad I couldn’t see. Weighing in at only 47 kilograms I still had a long road ahead of me.Of my 14 days in ICU, all I can remember is the horrible hallucinations and my inability to sleep for 11 of the days I was there.”

How incredible he was able to overcome such a horrific ordeal!

While Baxter’s family experienced a Christmas miracle, it’s sobering to know there are still families whose children are sick during the holidays.

From little children with cancer to others fighting a host of medical complications, it’s important to remember to reach out to moms you know who may be struggling this Christmas season dealing with a medically fragile child.

Think about ways you can practically help, like cooking meals or offering to babysit other siblings.

If you don’t have an extra moment of time to spare, consider donating to an organization that provides cancer research or helps give a Christmas experience to children who are sick in the hospital or hurting.

As for Baxter, it truly is a Christmas miracle after being diagnosed with two forms or aggressive cancer and being pronounced dead, he’s home for Christmas celebrating the season cancer free with his loved ones. 

Do you have a message you want to leave for Baxter?

What are some practical ways you can help moms you know (or even moms you don’t know) who are struggling this Christmas season with a sick or medically fragile child?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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