A Much-Needed Program For Moms May Be Coming To A City Near You

It seems that traditional values – even basic manners – are falling by the wayside in our society.

Men would hold the door open for women or offer them their seat on the bus, but with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems some of this has been lost.

A group of moms in Chicago, however, have worked to implement a very important program – not only improving common courtesy, but health and safety.

Big cities are notorious for heavy traffic and crowded public transportation.

It’s never fun to commute for hours a day.  It’s especially draining during pregnancy.

New mom Megan Nufer of Chicago knows how exhausting it can be to commute to work while pregnant.

She spent her fair share of time on Chicago’s crowded subway system, the “L,” and on the city’s buses.

She approached the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) last spring with an idea.  It’s one that is sadly necessary in today’s “all about me” culture.

Nufer pitched the idea that expectant moms could be given buttons to wear with the saying “Baby on Board” in the hopes that people would give up their seat for a pregnant woman.

The CTA promised action, but months dragged on and nothing came of Nufer’s idea.

I’m sure there are a lot of other issues they have on their plate, but you think they would be proud to embrace it and show they support women and working moms,” Nufer told Good Morning America. 

“I feel like this isn’t a huge thing, it’s printing out buttons and doing a campaign around it, but it’s a big win.”

Frustrated and determined, she then approached a group called The Mom Project, which offers community support for working mothers in the city.

The group loved the idea and decided to help fund the production of the buttons and market the idea to fellow commuters.

As the CTA started to receive backlash due to inaction, they issued a statement that they planned to roll out the program this past summer.

As summer wraps up, there is still no definite launch date by the CTA, but The Mom Project has taken the lead in bringing Nufer’s fantastic idea to fruition.

The group has received an overwhelming, positive response – not just from expectant mothers and those with small children, but from a majority of commuters.

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They have also been contacted by supporters in other cities who have heard about the project, and are working with contacts to launch the “Baby on Board” commuter buttons elsewhere.

Nufer told Good Morning America that she remembers well the days of being tired, sore, and nauseous, dreading her commute to work while pregnant.

She is now a proud mom and vows to continue the fight for other working women across the nation, hoping that one day her own daughter will be given a seat on public transportation when she needs it most.

Nufer and The Mom Project are practicing what they preach every day – moms supporting moms in the community.

While it’s sad to think that anyone would need a concrete reminder to give up their seat for a pregnant woman, maybe it will make people more aware – and more compassionate – as they go through their work week.

What do you think of this fantastic idea in Chicago?  Leave us your thoughts.