Abortionist Offers Grotesque Post-Abort Photoshoot With Moms and Their Lifeless Babies

The dark and cruel reality of abortion has officially reached a new level of horror. 

Pro-aborts often try and claim that abortion isn’t really ending the life of a baby, but simply “healthcare”.

But the latest move by one abortionist reveals the truth pro-lifers knew all along – abortionists know full well the evil they are doing – and their latest ploy has reached a chilling new low. 

When moms give birth to their precious babies – photoshoots take place highlighting the beauty and innocence of new life.

Moms and dads hold their baby close – and often the tiny little baby is dressed up in new clothes as its little eyes look up in wonder at the world around them.

Abortion is the opposite of life – it robs every unborn baby the chance at being able to be born and experience all that love has to offer – including the love of family.

In a dark and twisted move, one abortionist decided that after a woman murders her own baby –she should still be able to partake in a photoshoot with her little one.

Yes, after a cold abortionist rips a baby out of the mother’s womb – he is actually encouraging moms to hold their dead babies as a “keepsake” memory.

The abortionist encourages moms to consider a “token” to remember the “time” spent with the baby – that is before it was slaughtered. 

Even more horrifying – he uses the word BABY as the abortion clinic highlights the “services” mothers can choose. 

A brochure on abortionclinics.org listed the following options for post-abortive moms:

  • Viewing your baby after the delivery
  • Holding your baby after the delivery
  • Photographs of your baby
  • Cremation services referral
  • Funeral arrangements referral
  • Footprints
  • Spiritual and ceremonial accommodations
  • Remembrance certificate

There is no denying this abortionist knows he is ending the life of an innocent baby.

Can you imagine if this woman goes on to have other children, and they discover a picture of their mother holding their deceased brother/sister?

Or having “footprints” of the baby the mother chose to murder?

It’s beyond horrifying.

Abortionists can no longer claim a baby’s life is not lost during abortion.

If they are willing to hold “spiritual” ceremonies and have a photoshoot – clearly they know what they are doing.

Sadly, some women still find it “empowering” to take the life of their baby.

Alyssa Milano went on a rant how having two abortions allowed her to be more joyful and have a successful career.

Another mom actually sung a lullaby to her baby before she took its life.

And let’s not forget the mom who “thanked” her twin babies for choosing her – before she aborted them.

This disconnect these women have between acknowledging they are carrying a baby yet still choosing to end their lives is striking.

And the fact that abortionists actually attempt to make women feel good by offering bizarre ceremonies to honor the dead babies they choose to kill shows their drastic disregard for life.

What are your thoughts on one abortionist offering “photoshoots” of mothers and their dead babies post-abortion?

Do you think these women realize the hypocrisy in what they are doing?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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