Another Child Forced Off Life Support Because Of Her Disability  

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Pippa Knight is a 5-years old girl who suffers from a brain injury and is currently on life support.

But instead of keeping her alive, hospital officials decided her life wasn’t worth saving, and are fighting to remove all care.

And when her mother Paula petitioned to bring Pippa home with a portable ventilation system for 2 weeks of trial in-home care, you won’t believe how the hospital and the courts responded.

Instead of letting sweet Pippa home for 2 weeks to be with her family, ruthless hospital officials refused to grant the request.

Even more horrific, the court gave them the power to remove Pippa’s life support.

Naturally Paula is in shock at the ruling, and is still determined to fight for her little girl.

Live Action reported:

“I find it inexplicable that the court and (hospital) trust will not allow Pippa to trial portable ventilation for two weeks to see if she can return home when the hospital allows Pippa to go outside for long periods on portable ventilation with no issue,” she said in a statement after losing an appeal.

“I will be seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. I want Pippa to have every possible chance to come home and be with her family.”

For children with special needs who live in the UK – their chances are bleak should they ever become ill.

Who could forget the horrific story of Alfie Evans when government-run healthcare took his life as he was yanked off life support.


Or the story of Charlie Gard.

Socialized medicine doesn’t work – and it’s killing our children while causing unspeakable pain in families as they watch helplessly as their precious baby loses their life.

Every child deserves the chance to live.

If a parent wants to keep their child on life support or transfer them to a hospital that can provide better care, they should have the right to do so.

It’s unconscionable when the state has the power to decide who lives and who dies.

And even the strongest parent advocates are finding the odds are stacked against them as leftist courts back up the decision of hospital officials who decide to end care.

While these stories happened in the UK, they aren’t too far off from happening here in America.

After all, America is being run by leaders who advocate for more abortion, while denying the sanctity of human life.

Doctors are encouraging moms to abort their babies if it’s discovered they will have a physical or intellectual disability.

Without those at the top willing to fight to save the lives of every precious soul, it’s just a matter of time before our government officially takes over healthcare right here at home and begins to play God with real lives.

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