Another Victory As 2017 Closes As Trump Aids In Captured Americans Returning Home

Otto Warmbier

The capture and release of Otto Warmbier was highly publicized and ill-fated. The University of Virginia student was arrested in North Korea for allegedly attempting to steal a government banner from the hotel he was staying at.

Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, which is notoriously harsh, in the power-hungry North Korea.

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On June 13th Warmbier was medically evacuated to the United States, but was already in an “unresponsive state”, according to Fox News.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before death found the young student. There was no empirical evidence of physical abuse, but Warmbier was missing a substantial amount of brain tissue, which suggested: “he had lost blood supply to his brain for a period of time.”  

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